Do the MOT tests help create safer and roadworthy vehicles?

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Although getting a vehicle MOT tested can be quite an annoyance since it has to be done year after year, it is not only mandatory but post completing it, feels like you are doing your bit for safer roads and cleaner fumes. Through the MOT test, the concerned departments make sure the vehicles they are checking are roadworthy, safe and environment-friendly. 

All garages cannot approve vehicles through the MOT. There are more than 22000 garages that have been recommended for this role, with more than 52000 mechanics who handle these tests. 

These repair stations have been following a system of tests for the last couple of decades including checking exhaust fumes to doing a thorough analysis of the engine. The indscreens should be clear with the right amount of cleaning liquid under the hood. Additionally, the wiper blades have to function right. The entire vehicle is checked for leaks and the braking system is double-checked to make sure it performs the way properly. The tests also include other aspects like the precision of the steering and the suspension of the car. 

Another aspect that they handle is the rules supposed to be followed throughout the year but placed on the backburner like the tinting of the windows and licence plate details. They also review the car structure making sure there aren’t any issues with corrosion or other damage. The doors of the car should open and close easily without causing any trouble. The wheels of the vehicle need the right amount of threading and should not be worn solid. They also check all the other basics like the seat belts and horn. 

Being sure to reduce the number of accidents due to vehicle malfunctions, the MOT has been set up to look into the mechanical functioning of cars. Being an annual test, it causes some inconvenience for drivers who have to keep bringing their car to the store. If a vehicle doesn’t get through the test, it has to reapply in ten days. 

That’s not all, a car that hasn’t been cleared through the test isn’t allowed to ply on roads. By definition, any road, not only a highway or main roads connecting to one. Certain vehicle insurance companies allow vehicles without an MOT to drive to the test to get the car verified. 

There are varying prices to be paid to the department for checking the vehicle depending on multiple factors ranging from the age of the car, condition, type of vehicle, and multiple others. 

However, to make the system easier in this day, where everyone is already burdened and preoccupied with various commitments, the department sends vehicle owners text messages as they approach their MOT due date. 

The tests seem to be keeping the roads safer since there has been a significant decrease in the number of deaths caused due to vehicles malfunctioning. However, this could be for multiple reasons not directly connected to the MOT test as well.

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