Creative Ways to Start Earning More Money


There are various ways of earning money. Here are some of the lists to help you find out which way is best for you:

  1. Earning money by selling a product:
  • Are you a kitchen person? Then try earning money by selling what you cook. Offer it first to your trusted friends and relatives and ask them to provide you with an honest feedback so that you can improve your recipe.sell-clothes
  • Consider creating customisable clothes are very popular like personalised hoodies or t-shirts. Sell clothes. If you are good with threads and needles, then you can try earning money by making dresses, uniforms, even costumes! Or if you are not too good at it, try selling RTW’s instead.
  • Garage sale. Clean your house and look for stuff that you don’t need any more. Clean your closet and put out the clothes you don’t wear. Then set up a garage sale.
  • Sell crafts. Are you good at knitting, painting, making handcrafted materials? Then sell it for Christmas gifts or as souvenir items.
  1. Earning money by selling your talents and abilities:
  • Be a coach- Do you know any sports? You can earn money by teaching leisure sports to children and adult alike. It may be swimming, a rough sport like athletics, or indoor sport like chess. You can also be a creative coach on cheer dance or street dancing. Discover what sport you’re good at and earn from it.
  • Be a tutor- If you’re not much into sports but academically inclined, then you can try tutoring subjects to school children. This is suitable especially to full-time moms. Be a tutor to your child and offer to tutor your child’s classmates. You will earn extra money and at the same way save money from tutoring fees.
  • Work as a freelance writer. Search the internet for writing opportunities where you can show your sample articles.
  • Be a driver. If you know how to work the wheels and you have vast knowledge about traffic, streets, and directions, and then try driving for a fee. You’ll be getting into different places and get paid.
  • Are you good at household chores? Then earn from it. Offer to clean somebody’s house, do the laundry and ironing of clothes, or wash the car.
  • Offer to run errands for busy people.
  • Walk dogs. Ask your neighbors if they have a pet that you can take care of while they are away.
  • Be a caretaker. Ask around if you have a neighbor who’s always out of town and offer to maintain their house or their garden.
  • Be a babysitter- If you are fond of kids and have lots of energy, creativity, and patience, then you can offer to take care of somebody’s kids while they are away.
  • Be a photographer- although many people now have a digital cam of their own, they still love to have their photo taken by somebody else. Offer to photograph a wedding or go to graduations and festivals and other events where you can shoot a photo and sell it.
  • Be a mystery shopper- This may be a dream job for shopaholics- you shop and then you get paid. You go to a department store and then report back to the admin about your shopping experience.



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