Creative and Unconventional Uses of Plastic Tubes

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Unconventional Uses of Plastic Tubes

by Julianne Mercer, |

Since the Second World War, plastic pipes and tubes have been into use in most developed countries of the world. Today most of the tubes and pipes used in multiple segments in homes, offices, factories, and hospitals etc., are made of plastic. Whether you look at toilet pipes or kitchen pipes, pipes used in drain, or in water sprinklers in garden, restaurants and clinics, in public places, the switch over to plastics tubes for all purposes has now become complete.

Don’t Throw Away Bits of Plastic Tubes after Use

As plastic tubes are in use everywhere, and any construction project needs PVC and plastic tubes of different diameter and thickness for use in drain pipes, sewer pipes, conceal wiring, bathroom fittings etc, therefore you will see them being used in all construction work. Hence the creative projects those are discussed here and can be made from leftover plastic tubes and plastic tube connectors, which can be found interesting and useful by many. There are people who tend to collect unused and well condition parts of items after a construction or work, and if if you are one of them, you must not abandon the unused parts of plastic tubes left over after a work in your office, shop or house.

A Poultry Bird Feeder

This is a very innovative use of plastic tubes. You can fit rows of plastic tubes with a bend connector at the end pointing upwards at the ground. From the above open end you may pour in grains, which will fall straight through the tube to the end, and get collected at the U shaped bent at the ground end. Chicken and ducks can come and feed from that open end. This plastic tube feeder can be cleaned easily with a vacuum suction once a week and also can be cleaned with clean or soapy water as and when you like. Maintenance being real easy, and use of it as a bird feeding apparatus makes it neat and tidy, you may try this DIY project.

Desk Organizer- Cup Style

Ever seen the desk organized with recycled pipes as pen holders, one for the pens, one for colors, another for the scissors, and one for the stickpads and so on? You may make the apparently stylish and expensive looking pen holder on your own by applying some creative ideas. When you have small bits of plastic pipes which are of varying girths, then you can join the together and reshape the open ends in slanting style to make something really that nice.

Plastic tubes can be sawed and cut into shapes, and can be glued together with good adhesives. Hence making of a table pen stand or desk organizer can be interesting with bits of tubes of various girths.

Wine Glass Stand

You may even use a plastic tube in the kitchen to modify it into a wine glass holder. The wine glasses can either be kept upturned or dangled into a holder. For that you may take a left out piece of plastic tube some 1 to 1.5 ft long, and make a slit along this to accommodate wine glasses inside the tube across the slit. The leg of the wine glasses will get anchored in the tube easily, and you may attach the tube to any part of the kitchen, or inside the cabinet ceiling.

These are just alternative uses of the plastic tubes besides being highly in demand around the world for many simple and complicated engineering as well as agricultural needs. You can use every little piece of plastic tube to good use taking advantage of its amazing durability, strength, and yet highly flexible nature of this revolutionary material that has touched every aspect of modern human living and changed the way humanity used to get things done.