Create Breathtaking Party Lights at Home with Crystal LED Stage Light


Negosentro | Create Breathtaking Party Lights at Home with Crystal LED Stage Light | Whoever purchased this light experienced an awesome lighting capable to transform any ambience. With this light you can not only create the right party mood but also can turn on the right DJ gig ambience. The dazzling colors, varying movement of lights and capability of the lighting movement to follow the background music score, this lighting fixture in every possible way would create an overwhelming party atmosphere right in your home. Just plug it on, turn the music on and instantly the party begins! -If you’re a professional DJ, you may want to delve into more amazing disco lights that are available, simply because you want to create your own remarkable party night. This crystal LED dome light is fascinating on its own, but if you want to explore more options, just head over to!

This dome light is exceptionally compact and small in size. It offers remarkable color, great lighting patterns and just goes right with the music. As for cost the light is a truly inexpensive one with a price tag of just $36. However big you have already invested in your illustrious DJ equipments, this small and portable lighting fixture will invariably be the most worthy one to tune in any ambience for a party.

Crystal LED Stage Light
Crystal LED Stage Light

The 1byOne crystal LED stage light is packed with tons of different colors and spinning movements that is likely to create the ideal mood for parties. The light comes with a remote control letting you control the colors and spinning movement.  It truly makes an impressive lighting show to stun your party guests.

1byone 8.6 Crystal Super LED Stage Light Features

This great stage and party light fixture come packed with an array of features designed to create the right party mood and ambience.

  • The lighting device which looks more like a stunning light ball is capable to dazzle your eyes with colorful lighting and moving lighting patterns. It contains separate color LEDs, respectively as, 2pcs red LED’s and 1 piece of yellow, green, white and blue LED. The device offers colorful and romantic lighting with high brightness ideal for celebration, partying, disco, functions, etc.
  • The LED stage light offers 6 color LED options respectively as Red, Yellow, Green, White and Blue. The device offers automatic and voice activated DMX512 control panel to control lighting and rotation modes. Through DMX512 control panel or voice control you can take control of the rotation speed, colors and lighting patterns.
  • The fixture comes with advanced LED technology capable to create great light beams nearly powerful as 150w discharge lamp. Moreover, long lifespan LED’s are used in the device offering life span of 100,000 hrs before which you do not need to change lamp. In addition to that it creates low heat, consumes low power and requires least maintenance.
  • The lighting device is very compact and smaller in size and dimension. It is extremely easy to use and you can easily hang it anywhere without occupying much space. The product comes with highest safety standard, high quality tamper proof packaging and offers a quality guarantee from the manufacturer. p
  • With this light you can create magical starlight ambience right inside the indoors whenever you wish. Besides creating a party ambience the soft colorful lighting patterns are ideal for creating romantic mood and dazzling dance floor ambience.

A lot of lighting effects with sync to music option

This exquisite LED dome light offers you 8 different auto modes of lighting. Each lighting mode is loaded with a rich setting of color strobes, movement and lighting pattern. There are two other modes for fixing the sensitivity to the sound. These two sound sensitivity modes allow the light to dance with the light blinks. One mode let the light blink with music and the other mode besides blinking the light rotates the light rings as we. Thus with 10 different control modes you can make an array of lighting setting with different color patterns, movement, blinking and rotation of lights. Either you can select random color combination of lights or can tune the control to give your preferred lighting ambience – you have an array of options to light your own party nights.

Easy to use and professional effects

As far as setting up the light is concerned it offers extreme ease. The fixture can be set in just minutes following the simple setting instructions. Though it offers high-end professional quality lighting effects it comes at a very reasonable price and naturally can easily be used at any home for creating a party atmosphere. The quality of the light alone is similar to the lighting effects produced in nightclubs but it comes as an inexpensive and easy to maintain option for home party and celebrations. You can easily get it from Amazon.

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