Cool Ways to Save Money and Manage Debt Effectively


by Homerun Nievera, |

Who doesn’t want to save more money and manage their finances so that they can comfortably repay what they have borrowed whilst enjoying a high standard of living?

If you raised your hand and shouted ‘Me!’ at the top of your lungs you’re not alone there, but will you actually get around to saving more and better managing your debts, or will you continue along the same old financial path?

Here are a few cool ways to set more aside and comfortably manage your debts, all the while enjoying a great lifestyle.

  • Use comparison sites before shopping for anything

Whether it’s the local shop or a new laptop, use comparison websites to shop around for the best deal before you go shopping – it’s amazing how much you can save! There are a number of comparison websites you can use, so check a few out and find one you feel comfortable using.

  • Purchase own-brand goods at the supermarket

There is a lot of money to be saved by buying own-brand goods at the supermarket. You don’t have to buy everything own-brand – you can afford a few luxuries – but do you really need expensive cleaning supplies, cooking products, etc. when own-brand goods will do?

  • Look for the most competitive energy supplier

It’s a mistake to think that there isn’t much at all between competing energy suppliers – there’s often a lot more than you may think! Shop around – you can use comparison websites to make life easier for yourself – in order to find the most competitive energy supplier and make the switch.

  • Think about your energy usage and make changes

It isn’t enough just to have access to affordable energy, you have to make the energy you use count. Think about how you use energy at home and identify areas in which changes can be made. Chances are you will find a number of areas in which your energy usage can be reduced.

  • Pay off more than the minimum repayment amount

Whether it’s a credit card or a loan, paying off more than the minimal amount due will reduce the interest incurred and see you with more money in your pocket. That’s one of the best ways to save money because the less you have to repay, the more you have to set aside for something more enjoyable. That holiday abroad you’ve long been looking forward to perhaps?

  • Swap books and DVDs with friends

Instead of buying new books and DVDs when you have finished reading and watching them, swap them with family and friends and save up to 50%! It makes sense though doesn’t it? If you buy a new book and swap it with a friend you get to read two books for the price of one. To make things a little more fun and interesting, why not go shopping with friends to buy books and DVDs that you both want to read and watch?

So there you go.  A few cool ways to save money and manage your debts easily.

BONUS VIDEO: Suze Orman on Being Control of Your Money

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