Consumer Portrait and Brand Love Stories: Get to the Skin and Soul of Your Consumers


MANILA – Every generation has their own way of thinking and doing things in given situations. A 21-year old yuppie will likely use a mobile application to find his way in a city, while a 65-year old man will likely just ask for the directions. Understanding differing behaviors, mindsets, motivations, and needs across different consumer groups is what marketers need to do if they want to effectively build their brands. Why does this designer bag appeal more to older moms compared to younger moms? Do people in their 50’s spend more or save more? Is Facebook no longer appealing for teenagers?

This October 22 and 23, at the Brand Boot Camp Conference-Workshop,  a 2015 ethnography research commissioned by Acumen, a brand consulting group, will be presented. The presentation will reveal how 4 Consumer Groups: Gen Z, Millennials, Moms and the Silver Market think, what their underlying life needs, mindset, motivations, media, and shopping habits are. The research will enable marketing practitioners to understand their target market’s bigger picture and what makes them fall in and out of love with brands.

According to the research, Gen Z, 15-20 years old are getting older. They are growing up to be more realistic about the world and are also very self-aware. Driven by fast access to information, they get affected by social issues and would take a personal stand on it. The Millennials, 21-29 years old are experiencing more rather than acquiring more. They do not hesitate spending money on intangible things, like going to the beach or mobile data to post a photo on Instagram. Another key finding is that Millennial Moms are different to Gen X Moms. Their attitudes and values towards parenting have striking differences, thus they need to be considered as 2 different groups altogether. The Silver Market aged 50-60 who are nearing retirement revealed that they continue to lead busy active lives. These folks are still driven and socially connected.

These are just a few of the insights that will be uncovered in the presentation of Consumer Portrait and Brand Love Stories.  Learnings from this research will be highly valuable to brand managers and business owners targeting any of these four consumer groups.

This ethnographic research utilized a comprehensive methodology to uncover these in-depth learnings: Day-in-a-life-of documentaries and selfie-nography, uploading of heart and mind confessions in a diary app, netnography, 3-hour one-on-one in-depth conversations and shopper ethnography.

Get immersed into the skin and soul of your target consumers. Find out what is in their minds and hearts.  Then properly define the role of your brand in their lives. Start this journey by joining the Brand Boot Camp 2015 on October 22-23 at the SMX Aura Convention Center. For details and registration, visit

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