Colorbond Roof Sheets and Its Advantages

Colorbond Roof Sheets

Colorbond roof sheets are durable, strong, secure, and energy smart. These roof sheets have been tested in various and alternative conditions to make it much more durable so that it can deliver long life performance. These colorbond roof sheets are available in 22 wide range of colors so that we can choose the perfect theme that sets for our home and which can also complement other building material choices. We can also consider the possibility of mixing and matching the colors.

The colorbond roofing sheets also provide a range of thermally efficient light colors which helps to keep the home much cooler during the hot and sunny days. Colorbond is a pre-painted steel product whose inner base is made of zincalume steel (a mixture of zinc and aluminium) which ensures higher resistance from corrosion. It is the most compatible, desirable, and suitable flashing material such as the coating of zinc on steel in most of the environments.

Colorbond roof sheets have changed a great deal after it has been introduced in Australia. It has not only evolved in the range of colors but also in the technology of the production of the steel. The most recent innovation has been introduced which holds numerous patents on the technology. This is the most popular metal roofing product as it is versatile and made of high quality. These roof sheets are also suitable for both traditional and contemporary roofing projects. Now, it is the smartest decision to choose Colorbond roof sheets for roofing and wall covering requirements because it is manufactured from the highest quality and with much-improved technology.

The standard thickness is 42 BMT, the sheet cover is 762mm and the actual sheet width is 850mm. class 4 screws should be used while installing the roof sheeting as this helps them to last considerably longer in the elements. The roof sheets provide with innovative pre-painted coating technology which helps to keep the roof much cooler and newer for longer. It comes with a variety of colors that suits any environment, from city to farm, and remains free from common stains for a cleaner and beautiful roof for years. Colorbond roofing sheets are suitable for all the concealed and pierced fixed roofing profiles.

Hence, it is the ultimate choice for an attractive and a long lasting steel roofing material which offers excellent protection against severe environment. Basically, it has been developed for the environments which are much closer to the sea and with the smell of salt or salt spray in the air. It is one of the most cost-effective and corrosion resistant material because of the combination of protective coatings and production process. Let it be a severe natural environment or a severe industrial environment as Colorbond roof sheets are discovered to be the most effective building material to fight against these harsh environments. It should even provide with high benefits of paint durability. These roof sheets should be made of higher metallic coating class and the unique protective paint system.

It should have a minimum guarantee of 25 years and a warranty of 50 years on the concrete and terracotta tiles. Though it is seen that roofs of lower specifications last for a lifetime if built properly in suitable time periods. The warranty period must start from the date of installation of the roof sheets against all kinds of corrosion to perforation by the processes of weathering in the natural elements for the metallic steel while used in roofing applications. And the best part is that it contains 100% recycled content.

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