Characteristics of Exceptional Executive Assistants

Exceptional Executive Assistants executive-coaching

High-performing assistants can seem like superheroes. Most of them have mastered Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word and make working with these Office programs seem like a walk in the park. Many more have mastered social media, accounting and payroll, all in an effort to make their bosses work much easier. They schedule meetings, manage the boss’s calendar, supervise staff and even prepare reports. Yet, there are some additional characteristics that can make an executive assistant who can do all that stand out even more. They include the following;


  • Professionalism


A great assistant will treat everyone from the janitor to the CEO with respect. This means refraining from office politics, gossip or worst of all betraying the confidences of coworkers. In this way, they can maintain a cool head when things get out of hand in the office and contribute to remedying the situation quickly and effectively.


  • Collaboration


A good executive assistant sees their boss as their partner. This is what makes it possible for them to anticipate and fulfill their boss’s needs. And any executive will tell you that having an assistant that can successfully do that makes it easier for them to do their job. In turn, the company runs much more smoothly, particularly when an executive assistant is aware of his/her boss’s objectives enough to complete simple tasks that would otherwise just clog up their schedule.


  • Great Organizational Skills


An exceptional executive assistant has outstanding organizational skills because they know what is happening in the company and have a clear understanding of all the projects the company is involved in. coupled with being proactive and detail-oriented an executive assistant with great organization skills will remain composed and effective no matter the kind of pressure they are under.


  • Excellent Communication Skills


As the first person to meet the customers, clients and vendors the company deals with, the executive assistant must have outstanding communication skills. They must be able to communicate what is needed clearly, concisely and even be persuasive when they’re called up on to be. This includes in all face to face interactions as well as in written communications like reports, emails and memos.


  • Willing to Go the Extra Mile


Top executive assistants are willing to learn from both their experiences and their employers. This includes learning about the company’s new products, technologies and developments and software, understanding how they shape the future of the company. And they do that without needing direction or handholding of any kind. If it all becomes too overwhelming, an outstanding executive assistant will prioritize and delegate when they need to but ensure that they follow up on the delegated tasks to ensure they are done to perfection. He/she never tires of solving the problems that affect the company, helping to avert any pitfalls that may cause crises in the future, fulfilling commitments the company has made regardless of any pushback they may face.

An executive assistant who embodies all these qualities can be sure of a productive future with their employer since they are effectively indispensable.

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