Careers That Will Allow You to Actively Help Others

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While there is no profession where you aren’t performing a service that someone would or could find helpful, the truth is that you won’t always have that satisfactory feeling of making the world a better place. For instance, a construction worker is a person that’s making someone’s home or a place of work but due to the fact that they have no direct contact with the client, chances are that they won’t see things this way. Fortunately, there are some careers that may give you this satisfaction, as well as a chance to grow professionally. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several careers that will allow you to actively help others.

  • Investigative journalist

What nobler calling is there than to be the one who unravels the truth and makes it accessible to the wider public. Still, being an investigative reporter is far from simple. First of all, it is not a 9 to 5 job, which means that it doesn’t provide you with a great work-life balance. Second, this is not a drama series or a movie, which means that not every lead will take you somewhere. Finally, you would be surprised at just how important networking is in this field, which is why you need to start working on your people skills.

  • Career counselor

If, at the moment, you’re at the crossroads and can’t get to choose a suitable career option, you might want to consider a career that will allow you to help others overcome this difficulty. By providing others with some guidance, you might find it easier to find a path of your own. When people think about their future occupation, they usually focus on the nature of work, the pay grade and the glamour/respect that come from it. What they don’t see is the toll that it will leave on various aspects of their life, as well as some hidden perks that might come along the way. It’s your job to help them learn this.

  • Nurse

The main reason why you would want to become a nurse is due to the fact that this is an occupation that would allow you to provide direct, one-on-one care to your patients. Also, the pay grade is quite decent and the job itself is never dull. Also, the job market looks favorably to registered nurses, especially those who have undergone some specialization by enlisting on aged care training courses. This would give you an easier way to find gainful employment, as well as a chance to further narrow down your field of services.

  • Veterinarian

Humans are not the only ones in need of medical care and becoming a veterinarian is more than a noble calling. First of all, even though you’re not working with human patients, you’re still saving lives, which is a huge advantage, to begin with. Second, you get to work with animals, which is a thing that a lot of empaths (especially animal lovers amongst them) find to be quite fulfilling. Lastly, it’s a profession that’s quite likely to find its way to your list of childhood dream jobs, which is, on its own, a huge plus.

  • Clinical lab scientist

Finally, if you have a science-oriented mind, you can use it to forward medical science as a whole. Other than doing something noble and relevant, you’ll also find yourself in a position where you can combine your creativity, outside-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving abilities in order to push the boundaries of what’s possible. What’s in there for you? First of all, you get a chance to feel like you’re making a difference, which is a perk that not a lot of occupations can give you (at least to this degree). Second, the paycheck is often quite hefty and the job market is fairly stable. Finally, you get something interesting and extraordinary to do every single day.

  • Artist

You don’t have to provide people with physical help in order to change lives, and being an artist is a great way for you to make a difference by acting on an emotional plane. Think about it, never before in history was it easier for you to become a freelance artist. There are platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, that can allow you to publish your stories and novels online for free. There are apps like Agora that allow you to directly sell your photographs taken by a smartphone. Also, it’s quite easy for a talented musician to get through via a site like SoundCloud. Overall, there are more options than ever and if you believe that you can be the one to change the world with your art, there’s nothing to prevent you from trying.


As you can see, there’s something for everyone on this list, however, there’s one thing that you need to understand about the majority of these professions. They’re not jobs, they’re careers or, better yet, a life calling. They take dedication, passion and more time and energy than you’re ready and willing to offer. Needless to say, this can be quite tricky, indeed. Therefore, make sure that you make the right choice and find an occupation that will go along well with your personality.

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