Can you get to the top when you buy android installs?

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Image Source: | Can you get to the top when you buy android installs? | The app marketing process is a long and tedious procedure that requires large investments. The most classic instruments for app promotion, apart from referral traffic, work with CPA mechanics. These tools require a solid budget to get positive income with in-app monetization. That is why developers search for more methods to promote applications and get them visible at the top of the market search. Promotion by keyword installs is the easiest option to fix your application at the top of the market search, make it visible, and acquire organic traffic of real users regularly. 

Start with text improvements and keyword collection

To start promotion with incentive downloads and to buy Android installs you need to adjust your application to algorithm requirements. We suggest following our 3 steps to get this done. With these basic improvements, you will save a significant amount of marketing budget and reach top positions 50-75% faster. 

Find and group the keywords your product can be potentially looked for. You will need them for the promotion and texts of your titles and description.Improve the texts of the product. You should fit the category and follow simple rules: do not spam, omit brand words, make it simple, clear, and attractive.Improve the icon and screenshots of your product. Make them clickable and eye-catching. You should make them stand out to win more clicks and downloads from each search query. When this is done, wait for 3-4 days before indexation. Now you can move to the promotion with keyword installs. 

Ready to get to the top now

Promotion by keywords consists of 2 steps. If you want to estimate the number of installs you need to order for a promotion to the top, start with the screening first. It means you should create a 2-3 days short campaign for all the keywords from your list with 10-15 downloads per each. In 3 days you will see what keywords are most suitable for marketing. The less competitive words and phrases will easily get +30-50 positions per promotion. They will get into top positions in the first week of promotion. More competitive search requests will require hundreds of installs per campaign. Their promotion will take up to 3 weeks of promotion. Learn more insights on how to buy Android installs to move your app up the ranks. We explain how it works in numbers and strategies. is a self-service platfrom for application promotion with keywords installs and search optimization.

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