Buying a Property in Texas

Buying a Property in Texas texas

Buying a Property in Texas | Buying a new house is an adventure, but there are lots of factors to consider. It’s good to ask yourself questions such as what neighborhood should I choose? What’s the budget? What size house is needed? What condition? Is it a project? If you’ve decided to up sticks and move down south to sunny Texas, what do you need to know?

Find an agent 

Getting the right real estate agent is crucial when buying a house buy; with so many to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Texas-based agents will have specialist knowledge of the local market and can help you find a house specific to your requirements. 

You must investigate the credentials of any agent you are thinking of hiring. You could ask for recommendations from the local community and always check the records of each one. You can use local online resources to help find professionals in the area; they should be licensed with the relevant documents available on request. 


If you haven’t already, establish your budget and how much you are willing to spend on your new home. If you are taking out a mortgage, make sure you get pre-approved by a lender so you are confident that you can afford your new home. You should also put aside any down payment you have decided upon so it doesn’t get absorbed with other expenses. Certain lenders will accept down payments as low as 3% if the property is your primary residence. 

Don’t forget to factor in moving costs. If you have already sold your home but haven’t found a suitable house to buy yet, you should explore renting options in the area. You can get a short-term let which is relatively cheap, and Texas rents tend to be lower than the national average. Storing your furniture until you find a new place is fairly simple. You can use Austin Texas storage units in different sizes at various locations throughout the city and suburbs. Many rental properties come fully furnished, so you will need a storage solution. 

Van hire can also be costly, so make sure you contact a reputable but not overpriced transportation company for removals. 

When you find a house, you like you will need to get quotes for a home inspection. In Texas, the house seller will need to fill out a seller disclosure form that highlights the condition and individual features of the property. With that information, an inspector will produce a report with information about any work that needs doing; this should also be factored into your budget. 

Look around the area 

If you move into a rental property in the area before you choose your house, use the opportunity to explore different neighborhoods. Buying a house is a big commitment, so you want to ensure you find the right house in a good location. Search online for an overview of areas and ask people you come in contact with where they would recommend and why. If you have a family check out the local schools and surrounding areas, you can also request meetings with principals of prospective schools to discuss education options. It’s also useful to get a feel of distance to work and school and whether there are easy transport links if needed for the whole family.

Texas is a popular destination due to its southern location and long warm summers. With the right planning, you could be enjoying your new home and be mixing with the locals sooner than you think.