Businesses Even a Fresh Grad Can Start Today


With the increase of unemployment rate in the Philippines, finding a job after college can be really tough. But you can always have a choice.

Depending on your skills, experiences, and resources; you can explore on new ventures like starting-up your own businesses that can give you the opportunity to earn money and do what you love at the same time.

Here are some of the jobs available for fresh grads that might suit your skills and personality:

1. Event planner

Do you have an excellent organizational skill? Does your family rely on you when planning reunions? Do your former classmates trust you to coordinate school events? If your answer is all yes, this business may be suitable for you. You can start by helping your family or friends to create your portfolio. Ask for referrals from your network. Who knows, this can be a great opportunity for you.

2. Research services

Doctors, lawyers, publishing companies, students from graduate schools need this skill.  Most of these professionals are too busy to do their own research. You just need a good internet connection and a computer to start earning from this business.

3. Tutorial services

Are you good in crunching numbers; proficient in foreign languages? If you are confident with your academic performance, you can start a tutoring service for any of these required subjects. Your possible markets can be local primary or secondary schools.

4. Photography and video services

Do you have a classic taste in taking pictures or filming events? Create money using your camera by starting your own photography and video services that offers quality service at a very affordable price.

5. Writing Services

Many professionals don’t want to write. Whether it is a resume, school projects or a website article, not all people have the appetite to write. You can take advantage of your passion and skills in writing by starting your own writing services. Like doing research, you just need a good internet connection and a computer to begin. The market for this service is huge. You can extend your business online.

Building a new business is exciting and a good way to earn. But, don’t forget to do your research first. Read business books and study successful entrepreneur’s stories. Don’t stop learning. Enjoy your first profit from these businesses!


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