Business Centres: A Good Idea for New Start-ups in Asia


If you are entrepreneurial in nature or just beginning a business, you can take advantage of today’s technology as well as make good use of your time and money by looking at the benefits of aligning yourself with a business centre address. If you conduct business in Hong Kong, for example, you can register your business address at a luxurious office centre that is affordable in cost. Reduce your clerical or administrative costs by using the facility’s support staff.

Business Centre Amenities Make Share Office Arrangements More Affordable

One of the prevailing myths today concerning office space is that a business centre is comparable in price to the square footage and add-ons you pay for conventional office space. However, in actuality, an entrepreneur who currently collaborates with clients via mobile technologies and opts to use a business centre, complete with administrative staff, has found a more cost-effective solution. You can justify the affordable cost by looking at the amenities.

A Viable Alternative for a Start-up Company

For example, a business centre Hong Kong address is usually a high-profile address that will allow your small start-up to retain the kind of elite status that is typically afforded to executive, high-profile companies. When you don’t take advantage of a business centre address, the cost to staff an upscale office as well as furnish it is, in the simplest terms, too cost-prohibitive to consider.

Optimising Your Space and Minimising Your Costs

Using a shared office centre that features administrative support permits you to enjoy all the accoutrements of an upscale office environment without the financial excesses or increased potential for liability. Office centres in Hong Kong today reflect the future – one where office space is optimised and costs are minimised.

A Shared Environment That Fully Makes Use of Staff and Technological Support

Whether you are an entrepreneur or operate a company that has been in business for some time, you will want to scrutinise a business centre’s utilization of space and supporting activities. Because the executive business centre is defined by a shared environment, any space that is used for a reception area, kitchen, conference room or copy area can be shared by any of the tenant start-ups or companies in the office facility.

Make Some Cost Comparisons

Any capital requirement that you need to allocate for a general office space can be offset when you choose a business centre for your serviced office or virtual office needs. Therefore, to confirm the difference in cost, compare the capital used for your start-up to the expenses attached to a conventional office address.

Reducing Your Overhead and Initial Start-up Costs

Choosing a business centre address is a smart move. Conventional office spaces are defined by sizable expense, most of which is attached to furnishings, telecommunications equipment, copiers and fax machines as well as the costs connected to installations and the initiation of services. Needless to say, choosing a business centre address is a viable and worthwhile alternative. The city of Hong Kong is home to a number of upscale shared spaces.

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