Business Basics – 5 Simple Strategies to Growing Your Client Base

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Negosentro | 5 Simple Strategies to Growing Your Client Base | An existing client base is, statistically speaking, the most likely to generate new business leads for you. Many businesses harness the power of referrals through referral programs, which offer rewards to existing clients for introducing new leads. Referral programs cover your bases for short-term benefits and immediate feet through the door, but to improve client retention, you’ll need additional efforts in place. These five simple strategies will grow your client base in the short term, while paving the way for attracting new leads in the long term, too: 

  1. Spread Brand Awareness

There’s a growing movement towards personalization in the business world. It’s seeping into marketing strategies and yielding wonderful results – a personalized experience of your brand and the way in which you reach out encourages more engagement, especially when you consider online platforms, like social media. Another way to personalize your outreach is with branded corporate gifts. Ensure your gifts are purposeful – do some research into the current trends. The more useful the gift, the further your branding will spread through its use. 

  1. Utilize the Powerful Effects of Word-of-Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal. If you have an existing client base, the power is already available to you. Improve your service and find ways to occasionally, go above and beyond. First, you have to win their trust so that their recommendation places their reputation in a positive light with their contacts. Win trust by providing reliable service, and throwing in a small freebie from time to time. 

  1. Reap the Rewards of Charitable Outreach 

Providing help to your local charities and communities can benefit your business in ways that you may not have foreseen. Select a charity that aligns with a cause that is near to your heart or in some way ties in with your services. The idea is that you would like to offer your services to the charity – giving you a chance to shine. Charitable work is an opportunity for free marketing as the spotlight certainly draws attention to your professionalism and abilities, while it distinguishes your brand as a brand that cares. 

  1. Build Business Partnerships with other Companies

Reaching out to other companies serves both parties. For your business, it means you’re creating a sense of community around you while you have the opportunity to gain referrals. Business partnerships hinge on passing each other’s details to clients, but to establish that level of trust requires some work, first. Traditionally, these agreements were established on the golf course. Today, any leisure events, or charitable causes, can unite two companies. Challenge a business near you to join you on a charity outreach venture, and during that time, pass some referrals to them. If they’re a worthwhile candidate, they’ll reciprocate which lays the foundations of a long-standing referral partnership.  

  1. Take Stock as you Go

There is a wealth of marketing ideas out there. Professionals may recommend certain marketing strategies based on your niche and your goals but at the end of the day, feet through the door pay the bills. If you find certain avenues generate more leads than others, invest revenue in that direction. As much as one company may find social media doesn’t work for them – if you get inquiries from Facebook or LinkedIn, direct a wealth of energy towards harnessing what’s there. 

Growth Hinges on Adaptability

Businesses, like individuals, must embrace change if they are to survive in a world that is devoid of constants. Adaptability is a key survival strategy. As your client base grows, so will your processes in order to facilitate the digestion of a greater amount of business.

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