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Securing the office is one of the first tasks that any new entrepreneur should deal with. It’s not rare that new aspiring businesses take a blow from the start due to the lack of security. However, investing money in safety measures at the beginning of a startup can sometimes be beyond the business’s financial abilities. Still, there are many budget-friendly ways to keep the office and the business safe.

Dummy cameras

Introducing real security cameras and the corresponding equipment that would cover all the floors, offices and parking lot can be impossible for small or new businesses. It would be wise though to keep track of people that are coming and going so installing one real camera at the entrance shouldn’t pose a big investment problem. But, in order to keep intruders away and even check up on the actions of your employees, you can install dummy cameras in every corner of the office building as well as outside.


Keeping the office and parking lot in front of it well-lit is one of the essentials when it comes to security. It might seem imprudent to keep the lights on all the time when you think about electric bill, but if you opt for LED lights, you can save money in the long run while keeping your business protected.

Provide identity badges

The best way to know everyone of your employees and make sure that there is no intruder is to provide identity badges for every employee. Of course, you can also include some form of identity card for your guests. That way, anyone without any form of identification will definitely rise suspicion immediately.

Hire a security guard

Hiring someone to work as a security guard can prove to be a lot more budget-friendly than paying for the full alarm system and its occasional maintenance. Moreover, you will have someone whose literal job will be to monitor all the irregularities which will give you a peace of mind as well as more time to work on your own responsibilities.

Talk to your employees

If you know that your whole business depends on a team of people that work for you, you should expect them to be aware of the security pHYPERLINK “https://www.giac.org/paper/gsec/1811/develop-good-security-policies-tips-assessment-enforcement/102142″olicy as well. You shouldn’t be the only one trying to keep the work place safe. Explain to them that they shouldn’t speak about their job and share information with people outside of work. What’s more, take the time for some meaningful team building so that all your employees can enjoy their working environment and trust their colleagues as well as completely understand what their own responsibilities are in order to keep the office safe.

Cloud storage

Use technology and free cloud software to keep your confidential data safely stored and encrypted. That way you will secure your virtual information from possible hacking threats, not to mention how much money you will save by ditching the old-school paper storage system.

Introduce passwords

To secure the personal computers even more, request that every employee has their own password. It would be even better to induce the changing of the passwords on weekly basis. Of course, explain your employees that they should never reveal their password, not even to their colleagues.

Good communication

Apart from building good work relationship among your employees take the time and effort to create a trusting and comfortable bond between you and them as well. That way they would feel more confident to speak up if they notice something out of the ordinary. Therefore, keep the lines of communication between you and your employees open at all times.

Safety lockers

Installing cabinets and lockers in your office is very important for securing the confidential papers as well as some other objects of value once the working hours are over. A smart move would be to seek assistance of professional locksmith services in Rhodes area so that they could install proper security locks on all your cabinets as well as all possible entrances.

No night shifts

While it is true that work sometimes can get overwhelming and that some employees wouldn’t mind staying after hours to finish everything, make sure that no employee stays at the office at night and especially not alone. By being alone in the office, an employee can be in great danger since an intruder might use this possibility to attack, especially if they are aware that they can overpower the employee. Moreover, you can never be too careful, and you shouldn’t have one employee having access to all the information when there is no one else there.

For a secure office on a budget, you would indeed need to work harder in terms of building a good relationship with your employees and introducing a safety policy that will be respected, but apart from saving money on security equipment, you will also gain a positive working environment and a strong and a responsible team of people.

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