Beware of Text Message on IPhone That Will Crash Device


iPhone users must watch out for a bug that causes their phones to crash; this is a maliciously crafted text message that became viral before and making its way to cause disarray today. 

According to the report of The Next Web, this malicious SMS targets the major bug found in the latest version of iOS. 

It is composed of string of Arabic characters and sent via SMS or iMessage. 

And it looks like this: 
<imageanchor=”1″ style=”color: #000000;”>

Such a string “can cause the Messages app to stop working and can take down the entire phone if it appears in a lock screen notification,” TNW said.

Software versions that are affected to this bug are iOS7 and iOS 8.

To make this SMS bug invalid, iPhone users need to send a piece of text or photo to the original sender using the share sheet in another app.

Meanwhile, Apple is currently working to fix this bug.

As per TNW, the bug may be trying to exploit the part of iOS processing the Unicode text.

News Source: The Next Web