The Best Vegan Affair of London in 2017

vegan london 2017

Irene Blue, |  London 2017 | Veganism is definitely in trend. People are choosing ethically sourced, local produce every day. More people are choosing vegetarian and vegan ways of life to stay healthy. More restaurants are making dedicated menus for vegetarians only. Some vegan restaurants have mushroomed all over London.

Today we are going to discover a few hidden gems that do not show up on your usual “restaurants near me” search on a popular restaurant finder app. These vegan joints are tucked safely inside private kitchens, old record stores and restored taverns.

Food for Friends, Brighton

This smart, classy and distinctly eclectic establishment is located in Brighton. It is one of the best of the high-end veggie fanfares that guard the historic lanes of the city. It is not your average hemp-filled café. It is known for its fragrant coconut-infused curries and fresh salads. The weekends are unusually busy. You may need to book a table a couple of months ahead.  

Terre a Terre, Brighton

If you want haute cuisine, they have it. You want vegan food; they have it! Yes. That is right. Terre a Terre has made vegan haute cuisine a reality in the historic city that has catered to the culinary carnivores until about the beginning of the 21st century. You can experience a range of options that go beyond the conventional and predictable vegan meals.

Black Cat Cafe, London

The Black Cat Café offers an experiential meal toe everyone interested in getting a share of the best vegan concept food. In the heart of the Hackney, you will get a glimpse of the all-volunteer run kitchen that serves up something different each day. Far away from the regular grub, you can experience “meaty” flavours made purely from vegan ingredients like jackfruit and wheat gluten. Monstrous beef-style burgers and Bolognese lasagna are perfect for foodies who are choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Mildred’s, London

It is one of the prettiest little buildings and eateries you may have seen in and around the city. It is as old as it sounds. It has been here since the late 80s, and it has been serving the city’s health-conscious folks with some of the best flavours they have ever experienced. From jumbo burgers and cool, crunchy salads to sharing plates, Mildred’s is a place to meet new people and share new experiences. Funnily enough, just like the 80s, they still do not take a booking. So head right ahead to grab a table.

These five vegetarian and vegan joints in the UK are promoting a healthier way of life. Most of these cafes and restaurants are critically acclaimed. Star chefs have reviewed them, and they are a testament to culinary quality and creativity. Vegan food without creativity is like a broth without salt.

Author Bio: Irene Blue is a self-taught chef, creator and foodie. She has her blog where she writes about new recipes, joints and food alternatives every day. She is currently working with to explore UK’s vegan culture and culinary styles.