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Negosentro.comBest Racing Drone Under 200Drone racing is a new terminology that has risen in the world of racing and has made people crazy to control the drone and feel the vibe of racing through the winds. A racing drone is a small quad copter unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that is purpose-built to compete in FPV (first person view) racing events held around the world.  Racing a drone is not as easy as it seems and requires proper knowledge and skills of control. Buying your first drone for racing may be an exciting activity and the person might aim high for expensive drone but it is appropriate to keep the choices simple and mediocre.

Things that are to be considered while choosing drone

  • Build or buy: You have to decide that you have to build a drone from scratch or buy a readymade drone. Buying a ready- made drone saves you from the depression of losing a drone you have invested money, time and energy on.
  • RTF vs. ARF vs. BNF: There are various types of racing drones available. They may be:-
  1. RTF: Strands for ready-to-fly, it comes full built alongside a transmitter.
  2. BNF: Stands for bind-and-fly, the drone does not come with a transmitter. You are required to bind your own controller for the drone.
  3. ARF: Stands for almost-ready-to-fly, also known as DIY drones They require you to manually construct drone with the help of kit you purchase. 
  • Speed: The faster drones with light weight body are fun to race.
  • Durability: The drone has to be durable enough to endure the beating while the user learns the curve of drone.
  • Flight Time:  It depends upon the power of the battery provided and can  be altered with additional batteries.
  • Camera quality to help you get a better view of the surroundings and better control.

If you are a beginner or a drone racer who wants to invest for a reliable drone with long flying time and power and is offered in reasonable rate. Here a few of the racing drones under $ 200

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Blade Inductrix – Best FPV Racing Drone for Beginners

  • The Blade Inductrix is the tiny whoop model of the drones, offered at a reasonable price and is known to be best for the beginners because of its durability and built in design of propellers to save them in crash. Blade has included SAFE technology, which stands for Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope and helps drone to fly steadily and with easier control.
  • The drone comes in RTF form and FPV camera.
  • The flight time is 7 minutes and flight is aided with help of FPV monitor. The controller provided along drives the drone easily and steadily.
  • High performance 14,300Kv motors and 200 mAh 45C Li-Po battery are a blast around which help it to fly for 7 minutes.

Parrot Mambo FPV Drone Racing Kit

  • The Parrot’s manufacture is widely known for the manufacturer of quality products.
  • The Parrot Mambo come in RTF form for the beginners and provided with everything you need, transmitter, 720P FPV camera and FPV goggles of high quality.
  • It comes with three types of flying modes for the user that are sports mode, expert mode and film mode. The expert mode is for the advanced piloting and sports mode is designed for the beginners.
  • The drone has a flight time of 10 minutes that allows the racer to enjoy all the modes.
  • The Mambo is known for its race and drift mode to provide a different experience and 100m control distance which is due to WIFI control.

Walkera Rodeo 110 – Best FPV Racing Drone for Intermediates

The Walkera Rodeo is a drone designed for the intermediate racers because it does not have FPV monitor.

  • It is designed for stability with longer life due to the 2 mm thick carbon made design which is durable and withstands the impact with minimum damage.
  • The drone shows an impressive speed and high power output due to the micro brushless motors.
  • It is known to be stable and comes equipped with HD angle FPV camera for better view.
  • The 2Li –PO batteries, transmitter and high speed motors help attain a reasonable flight time of 6 minutes.

The above mentioned article mentions the features to be checked while buying your racing drones and few options that are available. We hope it will help you make the right choice

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