Best Instruments for Beginner Music Players

Best Instruments for Beginner Music Players

NEGOSENTRO.COM | Learning a musical instrument is a great thing to do, as not only is it fun but it is a great achievement to have under your belt. Not all instruments are as easy to learn as others, so here we look at which are the best choices for someone just starting out on their musical journey.

  1. The Piano
    This does take a fair amount of commitment, usually in the form of weekly lessons, but it’s easy to learn the basics and see progress, and in the long term it’s both a fun and useful skill to have.

There are also plenty of teachers around for private piano lessons in Aurora, generally with competitive fees. Pianos are expensive to buy should you want one around or extra practice, so it’s also worth looking at keyboards or digital pianos as an alternative.

  1. The Guitar
    This is another popular choice for a first musical instrument with both children and adults. Classical guitars are the usual option, although acoustic and other types can be considered for older students.

Guitars are one of the more affordable instruments, and once mastered will be a useful skill Throughout life. Checkout

  1. The Ukulele
    Some students choose to learn the ukulele too once they have got used to the basics of the guitar, others opt straight for this small sized instrument from the start. They are very easy to handle for both children and adults, and even complete beginners can learn catchy tunes in no time.

A definite plus point here is that ukulele music sounds nice, so even hours of listening to someone practice will not drive anyone else in the house to wearing headphones!

  1. The Violin
    A popular first instrument amongst school children of all ages, helped by the fact that various sizes are available so even youngsters aged just three can learn. This isn’t difficult to get used to but can take a lot of study and practice to become fully proficient.

They key with the violin is definitely to devise and stick to a serious practice routine. A huge advantage of learning the violin is the doors it opens down the line, such as being able to join an orchestra.

  1. The Flute
    As it is small, affordable, and easy to handle this is another popular school-age instrument to learn. It’s also quite easy to learn, and players should soon find themselves playing recognizable tunes.
  2. The Drums
    If you have the space for them and can deal with the noise then the drums are a fun and exciting first instrument which are not too difficult to learn. They are a good way to improve coordination, and different kinds of drums are available if a full set isn’t practical for your home.

There isn’t a one size fits all best choice for your first musical instrument – the best choice is one that makes you feel motivated to learn and is both accessible and affordable. For more help and advice with learning to a new instrument, check out

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