Back-to-Basics: Why Use VoIP and Save Lots of Money on Travel Calls


by Jim Moriones |

The world of communication is evolving along with the digital landscape. As a result, the traditional means of communication are dissolving, while innovative practices are growing in prominence. Conventional landlines are now an ancient relic of the past, while Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the preferred means of communication. To learn more about the VoIP, continue reading.

How VoIP Services Work

VoIP technology relies on a broadband connection to make voice calls, as opposed to a normal landline. In some cases, you may only make calls to other members of the VoIP network. On the contrary, some services allow you to call anyone who has an active phone number. Other services limit your calls to local numbers while others grant you access to international phone carriers.

VoIP services capitalise on your internet connection, transmitting your voice over the web. Once your voice converts into a transmissible, digital signal, it reaches the individual you are calling via internet. Before it reaches that number, however, it converts into a telephone signal.

In terms of establishing your VoIP connection, you have a few alternatives. You may simply make phone calls from your computer. Additionally, you may use a phone specially designed for this service. Finally, you can also attach your landline phone to an adapter in order to make VoIP calls. There are wireless alternatives as well, in terms of using the VoIP service.

Necessary Equipment

In order to use this service, you will need an active, high-speed internet connection. Whether you have a wireless network or a cable modem, you can make calls via internet as long as there is a stable broadband connection in place.

You will need either a computer adapter or a specially designed phone. To use this service on your computer, you may require additional devices, including a specific software or microphone. However, the process of installing a VoIP phone is relatively easy. Simply plug it into your internet modem to access your broadband connection. You can begin making calls in an instant.

A Local Call versus a Long Distance Call

You may have the exquisite opportunity to use a VoIP service for free. However, calls are generally free if you are contacting other members of the service. In most cases, you will be billed a subscription fee if you call people who are not enrolled in the service.

Hence, some services limit you to call people in your area. Other services allow you to call absolutely anyone with a telephone number. It is crucial to note that the person you are calling will not require any special equipment in order to take your calls.


There is a host of advantages to using a VoIP over a traditional phone. For example, VoIP services provide a number of options and technologies that traditional phones lack. Furthermore, not only do they save money, but they also do not require a monthly bill for a landline. If you are interested in reconciling your phone needs with your internet usage, then visit