Asian Hotels and Restaurants Top TripAdvisor List of Most-Awarded


TripAdvisor has released a list of Asian countries with the most award-winning hotels and restaurants.

India boasts bragging rights to being home to the highest number of top-rated restaurants and hotels in Asia, according to users of the largest travel review website in the world.

After tallying up the number of hospitality businesses with the largest number of Certificate of Excellence awards in each country, the number crunchers over at TripAdvisor have determined that India, Thailand and Japan have the most award-winning properties in Asia.

But when it comes to the country where travellers are most likely to find an award-winning restaurant or hotel – calculated from the percentage of the number of overall businesses listed in a country – not surprisingly that destination is the resort-rich Maldives.

Certificates of Excellence winners are chosen from an algorithm that factors in the volume of reviews, how up to date they are, and a property’s popularity. At a minimum, businesses must maintain an overall four out of five bubble ranking.

Here are the top 10 countries in Asia with the highest number of Certificate of Excellence Winners:

1. India

2. Thailand

3. Japan

4. China

5. Indonesia

6. Vietnam

7. The Philippines

8. Malaysia

9. Cambodia

10. Sri Lanka

Top 10 countries in Asia where travellers are most likely to find a Certificate of Excellence winner:

1. Maldives

2. Cambodia

3. Sri Lanka

4. Nepal

5. Laos

6. Bhutan

7. Vietnam

8. Myanmar

9. Thailand

10. Mongolia

via AFP Relaxnews