Art is a calling: Is it calling you?

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Many people are having the misconception that art graduates don’t get so much of jobs easily as compared to other graduates however this is not the reality .In real life creativity also matters equally as the degree matters for getting a job. If you are creative in any field you must choose it and start building your career in that field.

It is true that mostly some jobs in the field of arts are not very much well paid, as compared to medicine or law, however apart from money art graduates enjoy many other facilities in their jobs like flexible work timings and much more which keep them engaged in their job and so arts graduates can find themselves in some of the most satisfying and fulfilling jobs.

Let’s take a look at below infographic showing a comparison between art students who stick to their field and work accordingly and are happier and the other students of different streams, most of who are dissatisfied with their jobs.

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