Are you a DIY Musician or Band? Here are some Essential Apps


Teejay Herrera, |  The music industry is one which is already tricky in itself. Nowadays, we are witnessing a marriage, or an integration of it with an equally tricky field, and that is, modern technology. Thanks to modern technology, a lot of the things that were once deemed impossible, or too tedious to do in the music industry has become not just possible, but much easier to do as well.

If you’re an aspiring band or musician, or a DIY band, as they say, there are several essential apps that you could make use of as a way of making the most out of this marriage between music and technology, and in the process be able to break through and crack the ever challenging music industry. What are the best apps that you could make use of? Certainly, it goes beyond using the best mp3 music downloader. What exactly are these? Let’s find out below.


One of the realities that people ought to accept in the music world is that, even if it is an art you’re free to create and play around with, it is, nevertheless, a business as well. Fiverr is an app that allows you to keep in touch with this reality. This is because it’s a marketplace for all entrepreneurs, regardless of busiess. It allows you to set up businesses with only minimal costs. Mastering unfinished tracks to have it played live, producing, promoting, making album covers, and the like could be accomplished through this site with the help of freelancers, at prices which could definitely be agreed upon between the parties concerned.

SoundCloud Pulse

When it comes to the music industry, the most successful ones are not necessarily the ones who make genius song lyrics, it’s the one who’s the most popular. With that said, SoundCloud Pulse allows you to measure this vital aspect in your career. This is because it allows musicians to get in touch with a solid fan base, and of course, be able to interact with them, solicit great ideas through comment replies, as well as getting stats about how many people actually are listening to your tracks. To get even more, the app also has a Pro account option which enables you to get advanced stats, such as who listens to your tracks often, as well as where they come from. This allows you to easily plot live gigs in a manner which is strategic.

Producer Tools

Being a producer is no easy task, especially when you’re the one who’s making your own material. It tags itself as a “brainy studio assistant”, who makes sure that the quality of the music you make, specifically the mixing of the instruments together with your vocals, knowing which tones and instruments to tone down, amplify, and the like. It also allows you to mix and sample tracks with ease, as well as be given a guide for proper track equalization. This is an extremely crucial app which helps to make sure that your sound is as pleasing to the ears as possible, as this is an important factor in terms of making your music popular.

YouTube’s Creator Studio

YouTube, with its popularity, has indeed, revolutionalized the music industry. This has helped a lot of recording artists become the famous ones that they are, with a lot of personalities making use of the said site as their very own platform. With that said, Creator Studio from YouTube is the primary means through which is is supported, as the site allows you to organize your very own channel, manage your own videos, interact with fans, as well as track stats on viewership of your videos as well as other page analytics to assess your popularity, and how your tracks have been doing through time.

It is an integrated platform that helps you work on your needs for proper music distribution.

SongBook ChordPro

Last, but most definitely not the least on this set of apps is the SongBook ChrordPro. This is the app which is a musician’s best friend, as it allows musicians to both manage song collections of lyrics and chords, as well as reference to a musician’s own music. It also allows users to pull up chords and lyrics of a song, on-the-go, without the need for sheets and a big, bulky clearbook that a lot of artists normally use. With that said, artists are made more interactive with their audiences, getting to play songs upon their request. To put the icing on the cake, this app is one which is extremely affordable, yet is of great help in terms of managing an artist’s tracks.