Apple Alert Appmakers: Don’t Leave Notch While Designing For iPhone X


Wendy Quark, Negosentro |  Well, the special event is finished and the day is gone leaving so many cool and enticing topics to discuss. There were a bulk of surprising reveals but the mouth dropping one was iPhone X. For the very first time in the history of Apple, it released 3 iPhones altogether. As said by the Tim Cook, it is the futuristic phone. The unveiled features actually blew the people’s off. Customers are at the flair of joy with creative animojis, fascinating face ID, portrait mode photos and much more. Where customers are in celebration mode, work of developers has been complex. Well, new things bring new challenges and it is quite blatant, so what’s the major roadblock underlying with iPhone X on the part of the developer and yes not to forget even for the designers.

iPhone X has an impressive edge less OLED screen, glass on both the sides of the phone and the most amazing a gigantic 5.8-inch super retina display and the biggest challenge for the developers and designers we are talking about with no home button. This is one of the biggest highlights and trending all around making things complex and awkward not for users of course. You must be faffing around what’s all that complexity that I am talking about right from the beginning of the blog?

All the other iPhones were smaller in size and all the mobile apps and mobile responsive pages are framed keeping previous iPhones in mind. This leads to a very typical issue in the new iPhone X. The format of new iPhone is 16:9 notch and hence the current web pages render white bars on the side. Now, none of the users will be satisfied using big screen iPhone with small screen resolution. Well, the issue here is not the notch but the fact that none of the apps are designed in a way to work in this manner.

Apple knew this scenario will arise and hence it has already framed guidelines to develop apps for iPhone X. It seems like iPhone app development team have to worry a bit more and put up a little extra effort while developing for this new device. This was not a matter of issue while developing apps for iPhone 6, 7 and 8 with 4.7-inch screen size. But this one has a 5.8 inch and that’s not the only matter, it’s also rounded corners. This clearly signifies that if same frameworks and working standards will be adopted then certain areas of the app will be left plain or even worse the notch might result in hiding the app interface.

iPhone app development company are instructed to design the layout in a way that covers the entire screen and is not hindered by the rounded corners of the new phone, sensor housing or even the indicator used for accessing the home screen. One of the another point of focus is that the control panel doesn’t appear at the very bottom or even at the rounded corners. This is the interactive part of the device and it won’t be catchy to the users if they are placed in the corners. Another point of focus is that this doesn’t get clipped by the notch.

Don’t stress out developers, Apple won’t leave you mid way. According to the Apple sources, not every app will require custom tailoring to work for iPhone X. Well, for those which do need it, there is UIKit and XCode 9 software to make the work simple and easy.