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Friday, December 15, 2017

Coffee shop owner Anton Padua knows what it’s like to run a small business. Follow him weekly as he delivers a slew of tips and insights for small business owners in his column.

  • A brotherhood’s advocacy

    roman-handshake, a-brotherhoods-advocacy
    Vince Juanta, Eugene Claravall and Ian Ocampo are college buddies. After college, they settled with their profession until one day, Lime brought them together. Chef Arch’s Lime is an original concept of Chef Arch (Vince’s brother, who now lives in New Zealand). The idea is to transform a local street food into a gourmet setting. And to encourage Filipinos […]
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  • How to Deal With a Difficult Customer

    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | Have you met someone who is unreasonably rude, conceited, pathetic and does not know the meaning of patience and understanding?  Well, at some point in our lives, we may have heard horrible stories or have actually met for real “Ms. Antipatika” or “Mr. Brusko”. I remember this movie, The Devil […]
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  • How to Deal with Competition

    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | Today unfolded the greatest fight of the century. It was touted as Manny Pacquiao’s greatest and most important fight of his entire professional boxing career. Obviously, he was up against a fighter who had never lost in any of his fights, perhaps one of the smartest boxers we ever had. […]
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  • Why Teamwork is Essential in Business — And How To Do It Right!

    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | My marriage to Edna, while far from perfect, is I think something that was made in heaven. Who would have thought that a young boy from a small town of Romblon, would soon graduate as a Management and Industrial Engineer, land a job in one of the biggest food companies […]
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  • Traits of a Good Businessman

    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | As I was dreading on what to write after the encouraging feedback on my very first attempt on writing, (thank you guys for the 3,030 views on my write up, “To Go or Not To Go) Edna, my loving wife of 21 years, asked me to bring her out to […]
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  • Where in the World are Top Tech Billionaires From? [Infographic]

    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | Sharing this article and infographic from WhoIsHostingThis  as it seems interesting to see where the top 10 tech billionaires are coming from geographically. Read on… The world is full of successful people, but when most people think of successful billionaire tech entrepreneurs, a picture of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs probably […]
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  • When Thinking of Setting-up a New Business — To Go or Not To Go?

    decisions, decision-making
    by Anton Padua, Negosentro.com | I was invited to talk about “Setting Up a New Business” two years ago for singles and young professionals during a time when Edna and I were running on its first year, the coffee shop named “Bake and Brew”. I was overjoyed by the warm reception and feedback of people […]
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