What is Android Oreo Go?


Sadesh, Negosentro |  The greatest issue with android phones has always been the need for users to keep changing phones, in order to enjoy the great android experience that Google promises. Because of bulky android OS versions, android app development companies are bound to create apps that are bigger in size, making the RAM size relatively smaller. Also, android apps are constantly updated, and augmented with more features that eat up more RAM and take a toll on the processing unit or CPU. All in all, what we are trying to draw your attention to is that even though budget smartphones are shipped with latest android version, their performance degrades over-time, trying to catch up with the speed and performance benchmarks set for the latest android OS.

But guess what? Google has found a solution, and it’s called Android Oreo Go.

What is Oreo Go?

Oreo Go is an optimized and reimagined version of Google’s latest Android OS that has been built exclusively for the budget and entry-level smartphones to deliver the same performance as high-end ones. Oreo Go has been optimized to run on entry-level smartphones with 512MB or 1GB RAM capacity, delivering the same smooth interface and unflinching user experience as Oreo. To android app developers, the launch of Oreo Go means relaxation on coding, with lesser use of resources.

What entry-level Smartphones can expect from Oreo Go?

Bigger Storage

On Oreo Go, apps have smaller size that need lesser resources and hence, offer great performance even on phones with less than a GB of RAM. Android claims that with Oreo Go, low-end users will get 2X more storage in the same ROM size. In an official statement, Google has stated that the Oreo Go apps will be 50% smaller in size, will have smaller updates and lesser data consumption through background data.

Better Performance

With smaller apps than ever, Oreo Go leaves more unused RAM than ever, without compromising on the smart interface and features by Google. As a result, RAM intensive media format like GIF, will now run at greater pace than a user can imagine. We could be in for a treat if mobile apps development companies could sense the need for smaller and faster apps like these, and build more apps based on the same idea Oreo Go has come up with.  

Another good news for entry-level users is that they can now enjoy the assistance of none other than Google Assistant, without spending more for a new phone. In the wake of optimized RAM and more available computational power, Google Assistant is now being launched for phones with below 1 GB of RAM.

Better Data Savings

Google has instilled Oreo Go with many apps that contribute to the blazing fast performance Google claims. One such application is Files Go, with the help of which users can send any size of data without using internet. The in-built send and receive feature in Google Files Go works just like some of the most popular data sharing apps like Xender, ShareIt, Superbeam and more; just on way lesser resources compared to the apps we have mentioned. Oreo Go is also quite smart about using mobile data, as the in-built data manager restricts background data for unused or less used apps, hence, helping you in cutting a lot on data costs. And when you surf the internet with Chrome, the in-built data saver in the app is working anyway, to decrease your data consumption effectively by up to 30%.

Same level of security as Flagships

To ensure impenetrable security, Google has made provisions that are at par with the Oreo OS for flagships. Low-end device users can stop worrying about their data being leaked or phone being stolen with features like Android Device Manager. In case your phone is lost or stolen, simple login to Android Device Manager to track your device. If you can’t track it, you can still wipe out your phone data in a tap. Also, every time an app is installed on your phone, it goes through in-built android scanners, which do not require internet to do the job. And even before, you install these apps from the Play Store, you can assured about their integrity as Play Store scans every single of its apps, every single day.

The launch of Android Oreo Go has ascertained the fact that Google has always put users before profits. Billions of people with low-end specs and entry-level smartphones will now be able to enjoy the same smooth Android experience, and use their devices for longer. This will directly impact the environment in a positive way as this step would reduce electronic waste as well. Now that is something that can be expected of only the enterprises with the stature of Google; or Google itself. However, although we shouldn’t be critical about this, but we are quite sceptical if it is possible for Google to fully integrate the applications of Artificial Intelligence in the same way it is doing for the original Android Oreo.

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