3 Amazingly Effective Marketing Techniques for the Millennial

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by Jenna Cruz |

Let’s face it; marketing isn’t really the easiest task. While you may already know the basics—funds, team and strategies—there’s still so much that you have to do to launch a marketing campaign that’s convincing enough to make customers want to race down to stores or go online to buy your products or hire your services. But if this isn’t challenging enough, you have to consider the type of consumers that you have these days, a huge chunk of which are what they call the millennials or the generation Y.

Compared to generation X, the millennials are knowledgeable about a lot of things, thanks to their best buddy, the internet that provides them with most, if not all of the information they need. This has also made them, in one way or the other, more discerning when it comes to buying things or using services, especially because they’re influenced by many things—social media, online forums and what not.

Nevertheless, they’re a hot target for businesses these days simply because they make up a huge chunk of the world’s population and they have strong purchasing powers. Now if you’re one of many businesses trying to catch the attention of these millennials, you might want to try these three simple yet amazingly effective marketing techniques:

Dont just take your business online, make it stand out!

It’s one thing to build a website, but it’s another to create a website that actually gets visited by customers. There are millions of websites on the internet, most of which are your competitors so it’s definitely not enough to just make a plain website. The trick here is to come up with a design that’s both professional-looking yet appealing to the younger generation. Since millennials love to use their gadgets, you need to create a responsive website so visitors can enjoy it, whether they’re using a computer or a tablet. Additionally, you have to find ways to increase your online presence, one of which is through click ready marketing, an SEO technique that uses both on and off site activities to give a website more exposure online.

Get connected across different platforms!

One of the best things about marketing to the younger generation is the ease of interacting with them, thanks to different platforms that you can use these days. And what better way to interact with the millennials than to go where most, if not all of them are—social media. According to research, more than 90% of millennials own a computer and over 80% of them use social networking sites. Hence, it’s extremely important to use social media not only to market your products but also to interact with them. Start a Facebook page, create a Twitter account and join Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other sites where most of your target market is. These platforms have billions of followers combined and you can use them for free. What could be better than that?

Practice social responsibility!

You probably didn’t see this coming but yes, social responsibility is considered sexy for millennials. In fact, they’re considered the most socially conscious since a good percentage of them do something to give back to charity. You don’t really need to go all out in your efforts to help those in need. You just have to choose a charity that relates most to your business and to what you believe in and find ways to help its cause in one way or the other. The trick here is to not help others for the sake of marketing. Be genuine about what you do and you’ll surely go a long way.

Of course, you can’t dismiss the importance of some business marketing basics. Aside from going online and being socially responsible, you also need to present your business to customers, whether they’re generation Y or not, in the best possible way. Start by renting one of the office suites from Regus  where you could enjoy the facilities of a world-class workplace without the hefty price tag.

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