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Trevor Pinkus, Negosentro |  Having a business and employing staff doesn’t necessarily mean paying exorbitant amounts of money for office space rental. The traditional office may be the norm, but in these days of high-speed communication and work/life flexibility, you may want to think about whether paying the high rents of an office setup are going to be worth it. As with every business, the bottom line is cost, and the traditional office accumulates a fair share of extra bills that might be the difference between your business failing or succeeding. Here is a list of non-traditional office spaces that might make a real difference to your bottom line.

Hot desking

Although the traditional office has designated desk and work areas for each employee or team, hot desking is based on the idea of more shared working environments. Employees instead have no set location, and so instead of increasing the possibility of personal clutter on individual desks, hot desking allows staff to concentrate more on their workloads. It also helps to create a sense of freedom for your staff, as they will no longer feel tied down to a set location, and are free to communicate with members of the team that they might not have if their designated desks are on opposites sides of a building. With communication being a key element of any business, hot desking is certainly an option to consider.

Office Trailers

If it’s versatility and potential mobility that your business needs, then an office trailer might be the best option to consider. Whether your office space is temporary, or you consider it likely that your space will need to grow in the future, then an office trailer is an excellent alternative to more traditional options. With office trailers, you can add extra trailers as you need them, and they come with all of the perks of a traditional static location, including power supply and bathrooms. These can be rented, although if you’re after a more permanent base for your office, then you can find office trailers for sale that allow you to utilize more temporary additions set around your permanent central trailer.

Working from home

High-speed internet, Skype, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts all mean that your staff can communicate with each other no matter where they are in the world. In an age where even emails are often considered too slow, instant messaging and other technical solutions mean that even if one member of staff is working from their kitchen and another is travelling to meet a new client, you are still able to hold a group meeting and discuss the pressing business of the day.

The face of the office environment is changing rapidly, and these three options may well be a great way to avoid that extortionate office rent. Each of these options offers long term and short term benefits to you and your business, and it is worth considering whether it is really worth opting for a more traditional brick and mortar office.

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