Advance Your Career This Spring By Contacting A Headhunter

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According to CBC, the unemployment rate in Toronto is at 5.8%, and this leaves many job seekers to wonder about the best ways to get a job. While some people are naturally good a networking, others have a more difficult time with making the right connections. Luckily, headhunters can make the process a little bit easier.

What are headhunters?

Here’s how headhunters work: first, an HR professional writes a description of the candidates that they are looking for – this typically includes both hard and soft skills, as well as a few elements of the jobseeker’s personality that is likely to fit into the organization – and the headhunter then goes about finding the perfect match for that description.

Benefits of Hiring Headhunters

There are several benefits to hiring a headhunter. First, they work to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your search. This is because once they get to know your strengths, they will immediately know which jobs you are most qualified for and are likely to get. They can also give you tips for your interview – here in Toronto, the legal recruitment experts at The Heller Group are particularly adept at offering advice to those looking to further their career in law, for instance.

Second, they can secure a higher salary. This is because they can help to negotiate the best salary on your behalf, which takes away some of the pressure that comes with being asked how much you expect to earn in the position. Lastly, working with a headhunter gives you access to jobs that are not published; believe it or not, there are many positions that are not publicized to the general public, and a headhunter does all of the networking to find out more about these jobs.

Keys to Finding the Best Headhunters

The key to finding a great headhunter lies within the questions you ask them. You should find out how long they have been in the business of headhunting, and you should find out what area they specialize in. Ask them if they currently have clients that are in the market for someone who has your particular skills, and see if you can find out their success rate in placing people in jobs. A great headhunter will be direct, professional and specialized.

According to The Globe and Mail, Toronto is considered to be Canada’s hottest job market, but this does not always mean that it is easy to find the right position for you. As you can see, a headhunter can be a great asset when those looking for the right jobs. Not only can they cut down on all of the time you would usually spend, but they can also offer a few tips for your interview, help to negotiate a better salary and give you the heads up on jobs that are not publicized to the general public. Hiring a headhunter can be a great way to advance your current or potential career.

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