A Review of PDF Combine

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Negosentro.com | A Review of PDF Combine | When you are struggling with too many PDF files on your computer it would be better to combine them PDF into one. There is a powerful app that lets you combine thousands of PDF files simultaneously – PDF Combine.

Apart from helping you combine your PDF files, PDF combine also lets you create a clickable Table of Contents, add page counters, create bookmarks, insert or delete blank pages, and even add a cover page. All that you need to do is look for the files that you wish to compile, choose the destination folder, and then press Start on PDF combine. You can use its friendly user interface or run the command from the command line to complete your task.

With the Pro version, you can combine not just PDF files but also other files such as Word, XLS, JPEG, and TIFF files into one single PDF. Here are a few unique features of PDF Combine that you should know about:

  • You can choose the way you want to combine your PDF files. This makes it easy to organize complicated PDF files.
  • You can combine PDF files by folders.  For instance, 10 folders with 5 PDFs in each of them can be combined into 10 multi-page PDFs, all at one go. You can rearrange the files in the folder by dragging and dropping them in place.
  • You can use a common name part to combine PDF files. For instance, files like ReportApril.pdf, ReportMay.pdf, and ReportJune.pdf can all be combined into one PDF file called Report.pdf.
  • You can use PDF Combine to add page counters to each and every page of the combined PDF file
  • Ideal for Lawyers and law firms, PDF Combine lets you stamp bates to each and every page of the combined PDF file. The number of digits can be set in the bates number format. A Prefix or suffix may be added.
  • A digital signature can be added to the output PDF file
  • The user-friendly interface of the app helps you understand what to do next, when combining PDF files.
  • Bookmarks are automatically created when using PDF Combine. You can create your own clickable table of contents by using file names, document titles or any text files of your own.
  • Text watermarks containing copyright info, QR codes, or company name may be added to the header or footer of the combined PDF file so as to prevent unauthorized usage.
  • Double-sided printing of the combined PDF file can be tough if there are an odd number of pages. PDF combine successfully takes care of this issue by adding a blank page to it, automatically.
  • For additional safety you can encrypt the output PDF using a password or by setting user permissions.
  • The features of combining several PDF files and adding a cover page make PDF combine ideal for creating reports, presentations, and e-books.
  • There is a special server version of the PDF combine that can run silently on your server with no popup messages
  • Everything You Need To Streamline Your Work can be found here on onlypdf

A 30-day free trial version is available for download on Coolutils. Once you are satisfied you can go for the pro version which is available at reasonable pricing.

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