A Perfect Way to Change your Look this Year with Jewelry

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Negosentro.com | A Perfect Way to Change your Look this Year with Jewelry | Men are afraid of jewelry. They tend to wear either too much of it or too little as it is something that greatly confuses the average man. If you are a man keen on adding jewelry to his accessories, fear not, I have a guide below that will explain the different types of jewelry available for you and how to wear them.

  1. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are more suitable for the corporate type of man who likes to have a sort of old school sophistication. This type of jewelry is used to hold the cuffs of your official shirts closed. The sizes of these cufflinks are standard and one size fits all. They are made from different materials such as gold, gemstones, silver etc. The price therefore depends on what it is made of and its cut. Personalized cufflinks are getting popular these days. Cufflinks will show at the cuffs of your long sleeved shirt. You can wear whatever you prefer here, there are no rules.

  1. Tie clips

Tie clips are also a type of jewelry mostly made for the corporate, white-collar job type of man. Tie clips add flair to your boring suits and ties. They also serve a practical use in that they stop your tie from flying all over. Pick a basic design for your tie clip. A huge elaborate design tends to make it look more like a woman’s brooch. So unless you are the eccentric type of man, stick to the basic square-shaped design.

  1. Men’s rings

Men’s wedding rings are the most popular type of rings that a man wears. Typically, unmarried men will not have a ring on. A wedding band can however be selected carefully from a range of designer choices that are currently available in the market today. Get a customized ring for yourself in order to make it more meaningful and unique. You can choose from a selection of rings from your jeweler or online jewelry store. Using a top laser engraving machine you can engrave something special in it like your wife’s name or the date of your nuptials for a more personalized feel.

  1. Men’s earrings

Most men tend to shy away from wearing earrings, this is because they view it as a feminine product. However, there are some who find it trendy and fashion-forward. If you are an earring type of man, I would suggest you stick to studs. Concentrate on finding a basic, simple earring and stay away from flashy, long hanging types. These ones are best reserved for the females.

  1. Mens watches

A man’s outfit is never complete without a watch. Since a watch is something that you will probably wear every day, it is important to invest in a classic time piece that shows off your personality and fashion style. Invest in a variety of watches as per your lifestyle. A simple sports watch for your outdoor activities, a classic yet practical piece to match your business suits and official wear, and a statement designer piece for those special occasions.

Jewelry is a great way to accessorize and improve on your everyday look. It is a great investment and considering that it is mostly a one-off investment, it is an inexpensive way to switch out your look and stand out from the crowd.

via Marie Claire

Marie Claire is a world-renowned jewelry designer whose main focus is on men’s wedding bands. You can find some of her classic and timeless pieces at http://mensweddingbands.com

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