A brotherhood’s advocacy

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Vince Juanta, Eugene Claravall and Ian Ocampo are college buddies. After college, they settled with their profession until one day, Lime brought them together.

Chef Arch’s Lime is an original concept of Chef Arch (Vince’s brother, who now lives in New Zealand). The idea is to transform a local street food into a gourmet setting. And to encourage Filipinos to be proud of our own local street food.

Oftentimes, people are hesitant to dig in to these popular local street food/s. It may sound ironic but it has an image of  being  unsafe and dirty at the same time tasty.

That is why, Chef Arch came up with an idea. That is to create a different approach with our local street food, to make it “sosyal”.


The advocacy of their brotherhood is to fulfill its mission. First, is  to uplift the morale of every Filipino through it’s own version of street food. And second, is to make them proud of our own product.

They envision that through the “pina-sosyal na streetfood”… it can generate more tourists to come and visit the country.  Wherein possible investors can help decrease the unemployment rate in the Philippines.

Dennis Napao
Dennis Napao

Meet Dennis Napao, Chef Arch’s Lime dining supervisor and trainer. A former out-of-school youth. A guy who wear earrings, and inks on his body. The guy who does not have a complete set of teeth had the guts to approach Vince one day. He was serious of asking him if he could apply for a position in their restaurant.

The first impression was, who is this guy? A snatcher? (Vince keep his cellphone) hehehe.

Vince and the rest of the brotherhood believe that everyone deserve a chance. That everyone deserve the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

At first Dennis is hired as a parking boy (one who assists customers’ parking). The brotherhood is impressed with Dennis’ dedication for work. Also, most of their customers commend him for being polite.

Dennis is persistent in asking Vince to give him a position in the restaurant. “Anything sir”.

So he talked to Dennis and told him, that he needed to be presentable. No more earrings. Fix his hair. And a complete denture.

From being a simple parking boy assistant, to a dishwasher… now  a supervisor and a trusted trainer to all out-of-school youth who also wants to succeed in life.

With the help of their brotherhood’s advocacy, the number of OSY in their area are reduced.

 To hone someone to become a better person is the reason why Chef Arch’s Lime and Kanto family continue to grow.


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