9 Ways to Have Repeat Customers for your Small Biz


According to Forbes.com, business owners should not only aim for new customers; in reality you should aim for repeat customers. Having clients who go back to have your service or goods means that they are happy and satisfied with what your business gives. In return, they can refer new customers from their networks too.

Here are some tips to attract loyal customers for your business:


1. Energize your employees

If you think that we will jump in how to do marketing strategies, we’re not. Instead, you should focus first in engaging your employees. Because you are a busy, business person, the customer relationship of your store or services are within the hands of your employees. Sometimes, a simple warm welcome and happy conversation with customers are all you need to have to keep them coming back.

Businesses should invest to give their employees customer service trainings. Let your staff know the values and relationships that your business should build with customers.

2. Care for your customers

In aim to increase revenues, many businesses unknowingly become pushy in selling. In return, customers experience regret after buying a product or availing services that they don’t really need. If you want to gain loyal customers, you should also invest to have a loyal business. Offer products or services that will make your customers really happy. Do this by offering for sale things that will really help them to get what they need.

3. Know your product

Have you ever visited a grocery store where the sales people can’t help you decide what to buy? Sometimes, it gives you frustration right? This is the same for your customers. People usually have limited time. Talking to sales people who know what to suggest based on their needs is a really big help. In turn, you can get the trust of your customers that will keep them visit your business often.

4. Don’t forget to say Thank You

Saying “Thank You” can strengthen your relationship with customers more than you’ve ever imagined. Remember what you always hear: “Thank you! Come again!” These words echo to your customer’s ears and memory too. One way to say thank you was to give promo products, discounts, and freebies. Some business people do send gifts like books or simple giveaways to their long term clients too.

Remember, business is not only about making money. It is also building a relationship that creates meaning to you and to the people you serve through your products and services.