9 Home Business Ideas worth Starting Under 5000 Pesos or Less


Negosentro.com | Today, many people are considering starting a home based business for many good reasons. Here are the 9 business ideas you can start for 5,000 pesos or less:


1.    Soap Business

Social media gave vast marketing opportunity for start-up entrepreneurs. So, if you are thinking of having your home-made beauty soap business; it will be easier for you to market it online and offline. You can research the internet or attend seminars on where to find soap making materials.

2.    Repacking Nuts and Chips

Filipinos love foods. Most food businesses do have a big opportunity to grow. Repacking nuts and chips; selling them to different stores and establishments is a great way to start a family based business.

3.    Livestock or poultry

If you have a bigger backyard, you might want to consider opening a livestock business. You can start raising a handful of egg laying chickens or goat. Both are just less than 5,000 pesos.

4.    Herbs and Ornaments

People who live in the City would love to have a small green area at home. Selling herbs and ornaments on a decorated clay pot can be a gold mine.

5.    Prepaid loading business

Turn your phone into an earning business by starting an E- loading business. Your first customers can be your officemates which can give you a good part time biz.


1.    Editorial Services

Because of the internet revolution, writing services can be done online. Some of the services you can do are article writing, copywriting, e-book writing, and many others.

2.    Event Planning

If you love to organize parties, seminar, and events, starting an event planning business is a great way to go. People are getting busier and they would love to pay someone to coordinate events for them.

3.    Music Lesson

Public schools seldom promote music instruments skills. Teaching how to play instruments that you know is a good idea to have at the comfort of your home. If you are not a music graduate and you feel like you need more expertise, you can enrol in a music class. This can help to give you more confidence to pursue this passion- based biz.

4.    Photography Services

If shooting photos excites you, making money as a professional photographer is a smart venture. There are different photography markets that you can explore: seminars, holiday, birthdays, conventions, weddings; the possibilities are endless.

Can you share your own ideas on how to setup a business for 5000 pesos or less today? Share it in the comments section!

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