8 Ways Pinoy Parents Can Build a Better Nation for the Next Generations


by Joan Abello | via Rise.ph |

“The strength of a nation is derived from the integrity of its homes” -Confucius

No parents have ever wanted a chaotic country to live in for their children. With the current situation of the Philippines—governed by some corrupt officials which affects the different sectors of the country—any parent would wish for a better environment for their family. This is one reason why some families decide to migrate abroad in hope to give their children a better future. However, migration is actually not necessary if only parents themselves would unite and start fighting for change in our nation. Through small steps by concerned citizens, the Philippines can change for the better.

Jose Rizal said that the youth are the hope of our nation. For this reason, it is the responsibility of parents to provide them a good environment where they can grow and be trained to become future leaders. Here are some steps that parents can do to help create a better Philippines for their children.

1. Vote wisely

Corruption is among the biggest problems of our country. It is the reason why many families suffer from poverty and poor services. If this would not end, then you can expect that your children will experience the same suffering in the future. Worse, they can grow into these corrupt leaders too as they become exposed to this culture. Hence, if you want to help stop corruption, you should start by using your right to vote responsibly. You can also influence other parents to do the same.

2. Stop personal corruption

Corruption in the Philippines is not limited to the government. Wherever you go, different forms of corruption exist—in the office, school, and other institutions. Sometimes, people are not aware of them as these practices became part of the culture already—but they are all wrong and they negatively affect our country. Some of these corrupt practices include not performing at work according to standards, cheating during exams, and coming to work late but still receiving full salary. If you want to change the Philippines, you should begin by avoiding such practices and being a good example at work.

3. Value time like a pro

One of the bad habits that Filipinos have to change is valuing time. Is it not embarrassing that ‘Filipino time’ is associated with being late? Tardiness affects a lot of things like work performance and trust. Therefore, if you do not want your children to grow in a community where being late is considered normal, and you want them to be professionals, then you need to set the standard at home and work—that 7 A.M. is 7 A.M.

4. Be active in community service or charity events

To build a better Philippines, it should begin with fixing the present problems. There are lots of people need to be restored or helped to stand on their own. Through charities and community service, organizations are able to provide assistance to needy people. By being involved in such activities, you directly participate in making changes in the lives of many Filipinos. Imagine if NGOs, which are committed to making lives better, are able to help a million of people in the country to have successful lives, Philippines will progress then.

5. Promote education

The best treasure that you can pass on to your kids is education, because no one can take this away from them. With education, they have a bigger chance of achieving success and they can be whoever they want to be. However, even if your children get the best education yet they are surrounded by many who are not as privileged as them, then they will still suffer with the rest because of an underdeveloped society. To avoid this, then you also have to encourage other people especially parents to prioritize education for their kids. If you have the means, you can also help support some students to finish their studies.

6. Help campaign for environment protection

The Philippines is blessed with rich natural resources and beautiful tourist spots. However, because of people’s lack of discipline, these resources are depleting fast and our country is turning into an ugly group of islands. Garbage has turned crystal clear waters into dead seas; pollution makes the urban sky gray; and landslides happen from time to time because of lack of trees. Aside from losing tourists, which eventually affects the economy, the health of our loved ones is also at risk. If you want your kids to grow in a healthy and beautiful environment, then you should help preserve our nature even in small ways. One of the simplest ways to do this is by teaching your kids to throw their trash into the proper bin or turn off the faucet when not in use. You can also participate in tree planting projects, or support advocacies or causes that campaign for the protection of wildlife and natural resources.

7. Give importance to family

One of the core values that this generation is losing is being family oriented. Since the family is the basic unit of the society and it is the foundation of the development of a child, you should make sure that your own kids will grow in a healthy home. Your children are among the future leaders of the country, so it is your responsibility as a parent to train them uprightly. By providing them an environment where love, good virtues, and discipline are cultivated, these children can grow into better leaders.

8. Be a good role model

By raising responsible and righteous people, you are already helping in creating a better country. The best way to train your kids is by showing them. If you want them to become disciplined citizens, then do not cross the street when the red light for pedestrians is on; do not throw garbage just anywhere; never fight with your partner in front of them; and be honest with them all the time. Whatever they see in you, they will follow, so you have to be careful of how you live your life.

You do not have to move out of the Philippines just to provide a good life for your kids. By just being a responsible citizen and parent, you do not only raise your children well, but even help change the country. Instead of wanting a better place for your children, why not just dream of them becoming better people who can influence wherever they are?

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