8 Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs


Mitzi Ilagan | Negosentro.com | Even when you know that they could be creative, rich or organized enough not to get any more possessions or gifts, they still don’t acquire everything. Who knows, when you give any of these 8 gift ideas to an entrepreneur, it may become their weapon to success.

1. Planner

Even when most things could be done through a smartphone, having a physical notebook where you could write down everything could be as convenient as an app. Also, when random scribbling happens, that’s when genius ideas suddenly pop up their heads.

2. Inspirational books

Even when you think that they’re too busy to give a minute to non-work related things, books are important to entrepreneurs. Give them books which you think would interest them. You could try “Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work by Jacqueline Whitmore”, a book of guidelines for your profession.

3. Smart watch

If you are generous enough, a smart watch would be a useful Christmas gift for an entrepreneur. Let them know that there is a way to make things work despite their busy schedules. The Apple watch, for example, could help them do their tasks with some taps on the wrist watch.

4. Receipt organizer/app

Save them from headaches! They could keep track of their expenses physical receipt organizer or an app. The app usually scans barcodes and saves them into folders, which makes this work a lot more easier to do.

5. Portable coffee maker

Coffee is a businessman’s best friend. May it be early morning or late in the afternoon, coffee could be their substitute for water already. That is why, a portable coffee maker could make one for them, at any time of the day.

7. Noise-cancelling earphones

When it’s time for brainstorming, it’s best to have as much focus as they could. To have focus is not to have noisy employees around the office or colleagues around the co-working space. A pair of earphone which lessens the noise from the outside would be the best Christmas gift, especially to those who get easily distracted.

8. Red wine

If you can’t think of any special or specific gift, a bottle of red wine would be the best. These usually come in handy especially during the holidays. And of course, this one could make the receiver realize that a wine night would be a perfect way to spend his rest day.

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