8 Concrete Polishing Ideas for your Kitchen Flooring


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Concrete has come a long way from its humble days in the ancient era. Today, it is a fashionable style statement. Of course, it comes with its benefits of easy installation, and really easy maintenance. All you need to do is wash your concrete floor regularly and keep it looking new and shiny. While concrete flooring can work in any room of your house, it looks good in the kitchen.

There are tons of options available when it comes to concrete polishing. Here are some ideas for concrete polishing for your kitchen flooring.

#1. Stained Polishing

This is one of the most common techniques for concrete polishing. Chemicals are sprayed on the concrete to come up with new colors. It could work well in kitchens where the other colors or tones are muted. You should avoid this concrete polishing technique for smaller spaces though. Colored floors in congested spaces can make the room look even smaller.

#2. Dyed Polishing

Dyes offer better opportunities than stained polishing. Often times the dyes have a sheen to them, which could work very well in industrial style kitchens.

#3. Plain Gray

You could go for plain gray polishing for your concrete if you have other striking elements in your cooking space. The plain gray look would cut through the bold elements, giving the space nice cohesion. The plain gray look works very well with industrial aesthetics. You could use it for kitchen flooring, or even for your fancy garage.

#4. Go for Overlays

If you have imperfect concrete flooring for your kitchen, and you don’t want to go for a rustic setting, go for polished overlays. They are easy to install and are economically viable too. However, you need to make sure that you hire an experienced contractor when going for polished overlays for your concrete kitchen flooring.

#5. Subtle Cracking

Use stencils on your kitchen concrete flooring to give subtle cracks. It works well for rustic aesthetics. You could also go for slight tonal differences in the flooring in order to make your kitchen look more rugged. Pair this kind of kitchen with wooden cabinets to accentuate the old-world appeal of your space.

#6. Use Junk

This is an interesting idea for polished concrete flooring. Grab some nails or bolts from your backyard and seed them into the concrete mix. Polish the concrete to taste. The nails and bolts will add an interesting, customized texture to your flooring.

#7. Mix and Match

Of course, you can mix and match the above ideas. For example, you can use stamps while polishing a mix with nails and bolts. You need to make sure that you do not overdo the mixing bit though. The idea with concrete flooring is to keep it subtle and let one element in your whole kitchen pop out.

#8. Seed Glass

While nails and bolts can give your polished concrete flooring an edge, glass can add a lot more gloss to it. Seed glass into your concrete mix and then give it polishing. The glass will show through the polished concrete, adding an interesting element to your concrete aesthetics.

Kitchen Floor

Make sure you maintain the Flooring

While polished concrete flooring for your kitchen can be great, it is important that you pay attention to the maintenance. Sealing your concrete flooring every couple of years is a good idea to prevent moisture from seeping through. You need to also avoid harsh cleaning agents on your concrete flooring. Harsh cleaning agents are abrasive and can strip your concrete flooring of its natural sheen. All you need is some plain water and soap to wash concrete flooring. Doing so every day is a good idea.