7 Tips to Create an Authentic Email Marketing Campaign


Email Marketing is still one of the most cost-effective strategies to promote products and services. It helps businesses to keep customer contacts on hand. Here are the tips to create authentic email marketing campaign:

  1. Avoid Hard Selling. People open Emails to get value. Always remember that the purpose of Email Marketing is not only to sell products. You can use this strategy to keep in touch with your customers. In doing your messages, make sure not to over-sell.
  1. Focus on your customer’s benefits. Value, value, value. How do your products and services give value to your customer’s lives? How can it make their life better? How can it give them greater experiences? Most marketers are too consumed on how to make a big sell; don’t be. Get addicted on how your product can deliver value to your customer. Do this and selling won’t be a problem.startup-photos
  1. Be more personal. People don’t want a general interaction. They are looking for one-on-one conversation with you. Make it more personal, use their names. Use the magic word “YOU”. Research about their problems, ask them their goals. Discover how your services can help them solve a problem or help them reach their goals.
  1. Write naturally. You don’t need to be a strict grammarian or use technical terms. Instead, use words that will make your customers feel comfortable and relax. Use stories to make them feel that reading your email is just like reading a letter from a friend. Don’t make the mistake of writing stilted email. It will make your readers feel creepy.
  1. Don’t send Email just because. People will feel if you send an email just because you need to send one. Make sure that your message is important. Time is valuable so make sure that your message is worthy enough to borrow time from your readers.
  1. Make it short and sweet. Sure you wanted to tell a story; but, don’t make a novel. Get straight to the point and offer the lean meat. Remember that when people read emails, they will not sit there all day long to read every word. Most of the time, they will just skim on your message. Make it short and concise.
  1. Test and Experiment. There is no perfect formula in email marketing. Businesses do have unique customers. It is up to you to monitor and see which messages works and which are not.

Email marketing requires research to create authentic messages. It can be difficult but the result will be worth it.

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