7+ Things You Can’t Skip Doing Near Grove City

Grove City
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Negosentro.com | 7+ Things You Can’t Skip Doing Near Grove City | Grove City is an administrative town in Mercer county, Pennsylvania. Situated around 97 km to the north side of Pittsburgh and around 121 km to the south of Erie, Grove city is also home to a conservative Christian Liberal Arts College (Grove City  College) and various other small businesses.

With a history of being the oldest industrial center, the place has been popular for manufacturing gas engine, foundry products, carriages, locomotive engines, and heavy motor trucks. 

So, if you are in this place, here are few things you can’t skip:

Grove City Premium Outlets: 

Situated 50 minutes north of the downtown Pittsburgh and near the beach town of Erie, Grove city is the largest outlet center. It’s more like a destination shopping with premium outlets situated close to each other.  

The beautiful open-air grove city outlet store is that it features over 130 brand-name outlet stores. And, the best part? You can enjoy tax-free shopping with a saving of around 25-65% on retail. You can shop from Adidas Factory Stores, Gap Factory, Fuye Japan and many other outlet stores. 

Wendell August Forge Flagship Store: 

Wendell August Forge is a historic landmark in Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Apart from the Grove City, the company operates its retail stores in Berlin, Wilmington, North-Carolina and Ohio. Wendell is popular for its metal production of things like figurines, ornaments, bowls and other commemorative things. It’s one of the oldest working Forge in America where artists are working to craft metal Giftware by hand since 1923. 

Keystone Safari: 

Opened to the public in 2018, Keystone Safari is a home to many rare and endangered species like Mandrill Monkeys, Giraffe, Barbary Lions and more. The place is licensed by the U.S Department of Agriculture and permitted by PA Department of Agriculture, the US Fish and Wildlife service’s and various other private entities. 

While tourists can enjoy various indoor areas like Reindeer Barn, Giraffe Barn and various other Gift shops, there are many outdoor activities you can check between the keystone safari. The park is open on every Thursday and Friday from 4:00 PM- 9:00 PM. and every Saturday and Sunday. 

Fryer Park: 

Fryer Park is a worth-visiting destination in itself. Surrounded in 110 acres, the Fryer Park is an educational and recreational park with 8 softball diamonds and a preserved wooded area for nature walking and bird watching. 

Also, there’s one mile trail for biking and walking, a spaced-themed easy accessible playground, Century Village and more. While the fishing is allowed to the destination and you don’t need any license for fishing. However, you have to release the fish immediately. 

Gibboney’s Aerostation: 

Want to join the hot air balloon rides? Grove City, Gibboney Aerostation should be on your list! It will be one of the most thrilling and magnificent experiences of your lifetime. Some balloon services also provide advertising on aerial company banners, crew training and flight lessons. Besides, some also host threaded rides for parties, festivals and wedding receptions. 

Volant Mills: 

Volant is a unique village with restaurants, quaint shops, various distilleries and wineries. You can enjoy  easy road shopping on an old fashioned road. Nestled in the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania Amish Country, this place is perfect for wine and food lovers. The place opened its doors 20 years back as a country gift and antique shop. 

Plum Rum Winery: 

Located in the Grove city’s main area, Plum Rum Winery is the must-visit area that showcased award winning wines and hard ciders. The winery offers a wide range of the most popular wines with dessert wines, sweet reds and roses, sweeter wines being the few. 

It features 3 acres of grapes, including Vidal, Chambourcin, Cabernet Franc and Traminette. It’s more like a boutique urban winery situated in the heart of grove city and comes with a full kitchen on site and brewery upfront. 

Little Theater Off Broadway: 

Opened in late 1916, Little Theater off Broadway was popular as Kingdom theater. Showcasing 6 amazing shows per season with two comedies, two dramas and two musicals, this theater is a must-visit place in grove city.

It’s one of the oldest and successfully running Ohio theater that is offering Music, Laugh and Drama to the new Smyrna Beach. Buy tickets of your favorite show and enjoy a live show that is amazing and unforgettable. 

Trapper John’s: 

If you are looking for a mini-adventure on a warm sunny day, a visit to Trapper’s John’s is a must! You can hanker and float down the shaded river. You only have to pay $15 and you will get a life jacket and a kayak or canoe for one-two hours. 

So, those were the list of things that should be on your to-do list when in the Grove City!  

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