7 Predictions on E-Commerce for 2018

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Alexe Chasanov, Negosentro | E-commerce has evolved over the years to the giant industry that we know today. Each year, e-commerce grows and has become such a huge revenue-generator that players of the retail industry have made it a part of their business models in order to not get left behind on how modern shopping is now.

We have seen how e-commerce has grown up, from the baby that it was to the mature and stable state that it is now. It hasn’t stopped growing though, and it is far from its peak. Now that 2018 is fast approaching, here are seven e-commerce predictions that you must know:

Responsive Web Design to Support Multiple Devices

E-commerce leaders understand that online shopping is not only done on laptops and desktops but also for handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. A lot of people do their online shopping while on the run because they simply don’t have much time to spend to sit around. A lot of us are always on the go, and would also use want to use our travel time for something productive like shopping online. In this light, web designs will be friendlier to different kinds of devices in order to provide the best experience to all kinds of shoppers.

Evolving Role of Social Media Channels

Social media plays a key role in e-commerce. Some use social media sites as a marketing channel, while some use them as their sales platform. In any way, social media channels would become an even bigger part of e-commerce as players in the industry acknowledge that their customers thrive in these sites.  You would see that e-commerce businesses will tap social media stronger than they already do now.

Combining E-commerce websites and social media channels

As mentioned in the previous item, some e-commerce business use social media channels as their sales platforms. However, big players would still opt to set up their own e-commerce sites because they would want to include functionalities that are not entirely possible on social media sites. However, this does not prevent them from integrating their own site to social media channels. Doing this can make it easier for them to reach potential customers that found them and their products in social media. Expect to see more e-commerce sites get combined to social media channels in 2018.

Using Real-time Data Analytics

Big data is not just a fad that of the past few years. It is truly a good idea to reach into big data in order to better see how your business performs, as well as to help come up with decisions. Data analytics also help understand your customers which allows you to promote products that are best for them according to their interests and activities while on your site. Analytics has been a part of the day-to-day activities of the leaders of e-commerce and this is for a good reason. In 2018, we forecast that more and more businesses in the industry would invest in real-time data analytics to have a better look at their businesses.

If you are new to big data, there’s a lot of tools and articles regarding e-commerce analytics for absolute beginners out there that can help you out. Go start now!

Giving customers a great experience

To stand out, e-commerce businesses must be able to give customers a great experience despite not being able to see them in person. At the very basic of it, e-commerce businesses must have an organized site that is appealing and user-friendly. Other than that, one must be creative in how else to give your shoppers a great time. And that’s exactly what we expect to see this 2018.

Focusing on easing the customers’ mind to make the right decisions

Customers are bombarded with product choices because of the availability of so many items for sale. Online shops should help customers filter out the products and they want so that they would not be overwhelmed with so many different choices, that sometimes end up leaving the customers more confused on what to buy and ends up with nothing. Helping the customers decide on the types of products that he would want to buy should be a direction that we should see in 2018.


Online and offline commerce convergence

There was once a time when e-commerce was an underdog when it comes to the retail industry. That was until e-commerce has grown to become a threat to established retail leaders. Soon thereafter, big names of the retail industry from all over the world have started utilizing e-commerce to benefit from it. In 2018, we should see more retailers going into e-commerce to provide all kinds of shoppers the product that they want. The harmony of both online and offline shopping is a much better sight to see.


We have shared some predictions on how the world of e-commerce may be in the coming year. Let us all see for ourselves how e-commerce will surprise us in 2018.

Author Bio:

Alexe Chasanov is an online marketing community specialist in California. She also works as a consultant for a start-up company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves writing about social media trends here and there, and on her free time, she loves outdoor sports and martial arts.