7 Life Lessons from Jackie Chan


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A well-known Chinese action star from Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong, Jackie Chan (Chan-Kong-sang) made his name from simple action star of Chinese martial arts film of the 70’s. Driven by determination and optimism to free his family from poverty-stricken condition, he studied at the China Drama Academy at the age of seven. He underwent rigid training as a Chinese opera performer for ten years. When he finished in the Academy, he entered in a movie industry in Hong Kong as a stuntman.  By 1978 he was a fully fledged movie star in Asia.  From then on, his name was sought by big movie industries in Hong Kong and then in Holywood, USA.  Some of his films were top gross dollars earning in USA and Asia.  Jackie Chan was recognized of his passion on film-making.  As he told the Reader’s Digest, “ Everyday I receive so many letters from my fans. They keep me going.  Besides if I’m not filming, what will I do?” His life is a story of struggles and success.  Moreover, Jackie Chan shared with delight his open life and life’s principles.

Here are 7 Life Lessons from Jackie Chan:

  1. “The media trained me to become a good man.  I’m a normal human being.”
  2. “I told my manager that on my birthday I want to give, I don’t want to receive.  So I spent the month of April doing charity work.”
  3. “Everyday I receive so many letters from my fans.  They keep me going.  Besides if I’m not filming, what will I do?”
  4. “New talent comes and goes.  If you want to stay, you must have more talents than the others.” (*for young people who like to enter the show business)
  5. Taiwan wants me to be their police ambassador, China their Olympic ambassador, Hong Kong the tourist ambassador.  It gives pleasure. And this turns me into a good man.

Then Singapore asked me, “can you do anti-smoking?” Then I asked myself, “why do I smoke?” And I quit.  Now I am their anti-smoking ambassador.”

  1. “You cannot change that (getting old).  I just want to do lots of good thingsThen, when I passed away, I will be happy.  The only thing is I’m running out of time.”
  2. Peace to me implies more love for people.  This world will be a much better one if everyone cares more about others.”

Jackie Chan’s very memorable moment of his life in this recent time was his recognition as one of the most acclaimed movie stars during the Oscar Award last November 12, 2016.  His achievements in the filmdom are overwhelming.  Being a simple, happy and friendly person, a good father, a hardworking family man, a philanthropist, a successful businessman, a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, a pragmatic and philosophical in character, a martial artist, a unique stuntman, a writer, a film-maker, a film director/producer, Jackie Chan continue to live a humble but with an spectacular life, reflecting superb lessons to be learned at.

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