7 Amazing ways to make money online that you should try


There are several ways to make money online. The real challenge is how to find a legitimate way of earning. Here are some ways, (and some really paying websites) that you should try:

Sign-up for legitimate websites that really pay such as:

  • Inbox Dollars and Swag bucks are sites that pay you for using their search engine and answering surveys.
  • User Testing is a site where a website owner will observe how you navigate their site and then pay you for testing their website.
  • Project Payday – pays you to do a free trial. Keep track of time to cancel the trial before you get charged.


Teach Online. You can offer to teach English language and other subjects online from the comfort of your home. The schedule is flexible so you’ll have time for other gigs.

Sell Products online. Are you a social media addict? Then turn your “addiction” into something that will help you earn money. Instead of regularly uploading your selfie, why not try uploading photos of products that you can sell? It may be trinkets, jewelry, food supplements, shoes, bags, clothes. There is a never ending list of what you can sell on the internet.

Freelance writing. One of the popular ways to earn online. But this job is not a simple task. You have to create and build your portfolio and resume. If you have a passion for writing, then you’ll be dedicating your time and effort for this job. But if you’re simply not into it, you may have to find another way to earn online.

Design web logos/ Facebook graphics/ Twitter backgrounds. If you’re not much into writing or selling but know a little “web art”, then you can try designing website logos for businesses. If you’re good enough you can help them attract more clients by making their website/page cool and interesting.

Build website for others. If you are a webmaster then you can try building a website for others. If you’re a beginner, then start with a neighbor or a friend that owns a small business and offer them to have their own website. If you’re good at it, word of mouth plus your own ability will help you attract a pool of clients.

Be a Social Marketing Consultant. If you know the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites turn your passion into a means of living. Earn from it. There are many business owners who want to promote their products and services online but have no idea where to start. Offer them your knowledge and creativity to help them build their business and increase their income.

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