6 Ways to Use Linked In for Business

6 LinkedIn Strategies for Legal Professionals - What to Do & What Not to Do linkedin

Thought that LinkedIn is only for job seekers? Think again. Your business might be missing clients and strategic business partners that can potentially expand your business.

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn to grow your business:

1.    Create a Formal Business Profile

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. Unlike Facebook and Twitter where people usually create personal posts, share, and like; people come to LinkedIn to build connections. Job seekers are in this platform to create a profile; so do businesses and business owners. You can also create a comprehensive business page. In the absence of a business website, Linked In can be your online platform.


2.    Connect with People

LinkedIn is your gateway to connect with professionals and business owners. You can start connecting with prospects, present clients, referral partners, strategic partners and other business owners. Linked In does have an endorsement platform. Professionals can endorse you with your skills online. Once these connections are made, you can start building relationships with people.

3.    Build an Attractive Summary Profile

Make a compelling summary that is worth reading. Don’t underestimate each LinkedIn section. You can use the summary profile as a weapon to flaunt your products and services. You have 2,000 characters; maximize it. Tell a story: who are you, who are you working with, and how you help clients. Make your personality or your business stand out.

4.    Recommend Other People

Linked In is not only for you; you can build good relationships by recommending other businesses too. This is a great way to build strategic partners for your business. It is also a way to expand your network.

5.    Join Linked In Groups

Joining a group of business owners and professionals on your market can make a huge difference with how your business is going today. You can tap great resources, ask a question, and get the answer from people who can help you. Joining groups can drive traffic to your site, build a personal network, and generate leads for you.

Likewise, it can also be an avenue where you can help other business owners and professionals with whatever information you can give them based on your experience.

6.    Add other platforms

Do you have Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and other platforms? You can add and them all to your LinkedIn. There are also different applications in Linked In that can help you to be productive in business and in marketing.


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