6 Tips for making collection calls that get results


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Debt collection can be a tedious exercise for anyone. It appears people are more apt to borrowing without commitment to repay the loan.  In this industry that calls for one to use tact to be able to survive, one however has to follow the debt collection practices Act.

The way you communicate with debtors holds the key to your success in debt collection. There are vital points that you should keep in mind anytime you reach for the phone to call a debtor. Here’s a rundown to some of them:

1. Let your voice command the attention of the listener. The way you get the message across will have a lot in determining how successful you will be. You might have to build confidence to make the call and being prepared for it is an important part.

2.Take reign of the way the debtor responds to the call. Address the person by the name throughout the call so as to get hold of his attention. Steer clear of disagreement with the debtor by showing understanding to their point of view. This will no doubt open up the conversation even more. In the entire conversation do not allow the debtor to manipulate you emotionally and at times take time before answering them. Make use of open-end questions so that he can fill you in with information.

3. Get a commitment from the debtor. The aim of the entire call is to get him to commit on paying back the debt thus be sure you get a date. Before ending the call remind him of the consequences if they do not keep their end of the bargain.

4. Avoid being too stiff with the debtor but let him know you are flexible. You will be able to establish communication with him if you listen to what he has to say.

5. Stay upbeat when talking to the debtor. He will most likely pick your tone on call and optimism is bound to take you far.

6. Get your facts right beforehand. When you have all the details at hand it will facilitate a smooth flow of conversation. If you place a call to a debtor then halfway through realize you do not have the facts right that will be a big fail on your part. A record of details about the loan including amount, product sold, and date due will be handy for your use during the call.

A debt collection Agency that gets positive results is one that employs the right tactics in performing the task. Your state of mind will either work for or against you therefore work at being positive through the entire process. Much as this is a process that is dreaded by most, it is one that will yield results depending on how you execute that very important call to the person owing the debt. Remember confidence is everything so ensure you let it show to the debtor when in a conversation with him.