6 Social Media Tricks for Effective Personal Branding

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Social media is jam-packed with experts in every field: photography, health, online blogs, graphic artists, and so much more. If you want to gain the audience’s attention, you must create a powerful brand of your expertise. Here are some tricks to help you out:

  1. Define your objective

Think about what impression you want to have when people search for your name. What can you offer them? Use the appropriate social media platform to achieve your goal. If you want to show your expertise and have some opportunities, develop your LinkedIn profile. If you’re trying to sell, post in Pinterest and Facebook. With a strong persona and unique branding proposition, you’ll make yourself stand out, and differentiate you from your competitors.

  1. Your social media accounts should reflect your career goals.

Yes, you are very eloquent when it comes to personal interviews but are your social media accounts reflecting the same? Keep your bios consistent with each social media platforms that you use. Also, don’t forget to check your grammar religiously.

  1. Think like a pro.

Look for the best people in your area of expertise and draw inspiration from them. Identify other social media users as benchmarks. Follow them on twitter, Facebook, and other social media to have an idea on how they interact with the audience. Then try merging their ideas to create your own personal brand.

  1. Identify a maximum of three areas of expertise.

What do you want to be recognized for? Whom do you want to attract? There are a vast number of experts and entrepreneurs so you need to establish uniqueness. The area of your expertise would explain who you are and what you do. Include these words when writing your personal description on social media and as your main keywords.

  1. Create a clear value proposition.

What special skills can you offer your audience? What benefits can they get in spending time reading your content? Have a clear definition of your skills. Do you offer writing and editing expertise? Are you knowledgeable in computer graphics?  You may have to experiment with your value statement and enhance it from time to time.personal branding  (1)

  1. Write a compelling brand slogan and show yourself.

Making a strong impression in social media is very challenging but it is also very critical. Summarize your expertise with a powerful slogan. Search the internet for appropriate words if you are hesitating in your grammar.

Another effective way is to post pictures of you in action to your social media accounts. It will help establish your credibility and establish trust from your audiences.

Gaining a pool of social media audience is really a tough challenge. So believe in yourself, create your powerful brand and show them what you got.

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