6 Practical Tips to Lower Your Office’s Electric Bills


Saving electric usage in your office is one of the simplest ways to increase your profitability. It is also a way of training staff to participate in cost-cutting company’s expenses.

Here are some practical tips that your business can do to save more money by decreasing electricity consumption:

1. Encourage staff to wear light clothing

This summer, say goodbye to thick corporate coats and long sleeves. Encourage your personnel to adapt light but formal clothing. This can help to make them feel more comfortable even if the air-con is on fan mode.

2. Unplug appliances

Computers, printers, photocopy machine, and fax machines still consume energy even if they are in a stand-by mode. Develop an office habit of unplugging these electronics when not in use. You can place a simple office reminder near the plugs. Another alternative is to use an extension cord with on and off button. The light will remind your staff that it is still “on” so they can just push the button if the appliances are not in use.

3. Check air conditioner use

Aircon use is considered as power muncher on most offices. Choose air con size that is just enough to keep the room cool. You can also add blower or fan to make the office temperature cooler without increasing your aircon’s temperature. Make sure that the air conditioning system is maintained and cleaned regularly.

4. Try to take advantage of natural sunlight

If your office place has ample amount of sunlight, consider turning off some lights and enjoy the natural lighting set up. You can save electricity by using this energy source on daylight. You can also choose light paint colors to make your office look brighter.

5. Upgrade your equipment

Some appliances models of printers, computers, photocopying machine and other equipment can consume more power. If you are to upgrade these machines, choose appliances with “energy star” logo. This can help you save 50% to 90% of power use.

6. Get your staff involved

Ask your staff to place small herbs in a small pot or ornamental plants on their tables. You can also join different outdoor activities like tree planting and seaside cleaning to increase your staff’s environmental concern. This will inspire them to continue their participation in energy saving campaign of the company.

Improve your profitability by applying these tips on your office. Reduce your electric bill, conserve energy, enjoy greener environment and create a happier workplace.