Do You Love Animals? 6 Pet Business Ideas That Let You Share That Love With Others

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Negosentro|6 Pet Business Ideas That Let You Share That Love With Others|If you love animals and want to spend every day making sure they are cared for and loved, then you might want to think about starting a business catering to their needs. Consider these six great small pet business ideas that let you translate your love of animals into a meaningful career. 

1. Get Some Exercise by Becoming a Dog Walker

When they are left home all day, dogs still need a break to go outside and relieve themselves. Starting out as a dog walker can help you decide if owning an animal-focused business is really what you want to do. You can go out on your own, or contract with companies like Rover that do the advertising and recruit clients for you in exchange for a percentage of the fees collected. 

2. Share Your Love of Good Food With a Pet Bakery

Fur babies have moved beyond eating boring dried kibble for every meal. Boutique pet bakeries and cafes offer human-quality meals for your furry companions. If you love animals, and you love to cook or bake, this may be a great option for you. 

Take the time to learn about any requirements for producing pet food in a home kitchen where you live. While there may not be rules or inspections, it is always better to cover your bases upfront.

Do your homework before you develop any recipes. You’ll need to understand the unique nutritional requirements for dogs, cats, and any other animals you plan to cater to. For example, just because they like it doesn’t mean that milk is a safe food for cats. In fact, it can be quite dangerous for both cats and dogs. 

3. Capture Precious Moments as a Pet Photographer

Scroll through any social media site and you’ll realize that almost everyone loves cute animal pictures. Capitalize on that trend by becoming a pet photographer.

You’ll need a certain skill set to succeed in this role, starting with the ability to get pets to sit still for more than five seconds. A good quality camera, lighting, and several props can help you get truly memorable shots. 

4. Create Fashionable Gear for Fur Babies

Are you gifted with a needle and thread? If so, why not turn your talents toward your love of animals. Pets get cold, their paws need protection from hot and cold surfaces, and some even use bags to carry gear on hikes or trips. Of course, some gear is actually designed to carry small pets instead.

Choose patterns that are practical yet still fun and add your own personal flair and style to them. Think of a teacup chihuahua in a pink faux leather jacket. Go ahead and add patches, zippers, and shiny jewels to clothes. Be sure they are firmly attached so they don’t become a choking hazard. 

Pets can be pretty rough on their things. It can help to look for fabrics that hide dirt and stains while also washing and wearing well over time. 

5. Open Your Home and Heart as a Pet Day Care

Housepets need to have positive interactions throughout the day. When people are away at work or on vacation, however, animals can get lonely and sad. That is where pet daycare centers come in. This is a great way to spend time with animals but not have to worry about keeping them overnight. Unless, of course, you want to add that service. 

Doggie (and cat) daycare centers let owners drop their precious pets off for lots of social time and fun activities. You should plan on being fully engaged for most of the day. It can be a good idea to have a back-up plan and space ready just in case one of your new students doesn’t play well with the others. 

6. Teach Pets To Follow the Rules as a Trainer

Some people have the ability to seemingly talk to animals and get them to listen. If you are among that small subset of the population, think about becoming an animal trainer. It will give you the opportunity to create healthy and meaningful relationships between people and their pets. 

If you love animals and can’t imagine spending your days in an office away from them, you might want to consider starting a pet business. Just like with any business, you should do your research, understand the rules and regulations where you live, and be prepared to compete with other, similar companies. But, in the end, it can be worth the work when you know that what you do makes the lives of animals better. 

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