6 Important Qualities to Look for When Hiring Court Reporters


Derrick Graham, Negosentro |  When hiring a court reporter, there are several qualities that you should take into consideration. A good court reporter should be able to carry out his/her tasks accurately. Court reporting is a crucial part of the legal field and can be a challenging task. However, there are several qualities that will set one reporter above the others. Some of these qualities are mentioned below.

Excellent grammar and vocabulary skills

The courtroom and legal procedures involve law jargon that might be difficult to grasp for most people. A court reporter should be able to immediately identify, process, and correctly spell all terms used while keeping up with the ongoing conversation in the courtroom, government hearing or business meeting. This will ensure that you produce transcripts that adhere to all grammar rules.

Concentration skills

You need a court reporter that can concentrate for several hours irrespective of the nature of the discussion. You never know the type of case or topic that you will be covering. A good court reporter should be able to pay attention throughout the proceedings. This is important because lack of attention can result in an inaccurate transcript.

Computer skills

With the growing technology and advancements in different industries, computer skills are a must-have for all employees. A court reporter should be proficient with most computer programs to successfully handle electronic recording in the court room. The best Naegeli court reporters should be able to use the right programs and troubleshoot problems whenever anything goes wrong.

Court system knowledge

In most cases, the court reporter may act as the presiding official who marks exhibits and swears in witnesses. Therefore, knowing the rhythms and workings of the court systems can help you effectively perform these tasks. Furthermore, understanding courtroom protocols will help court reporters know when the next person will speak during the proceedings.


Most court reporting tasks will occur during business hours and in a standard courtroom. However, there are proceedings that may take place after working hours and in different locations. Therefore, one must be flexible enough to handle different environments and locations. Setting time and location limitations may make you miss out on some work.


The importance of punctuality in the court reporting field cannot be overlooked. For court reporters, timeliness is of essence in any legal proceeding. Court reporters should never be late for their proceedings. Excellent professionals are always early, well prepared and never frazzled because reporters are held to a higher standard above other individuals in the courtroom. Furthermore, being late will not reflect well on the agency that was hired to cover the court proceedings.

Court reporting is a specialized skill that requires an individual who can do their job well. The best court reporters will possess the skills and qualities mentioned above to ensure that they are good at their work. When working with expert reporters, lawyers will be confident that their records and transcripts will be delivered on time and that they will be accurate. This is important because it will make the work of the attorney easier and will ensure cases are closed on time.