6 Highly Successful Push Notification Strategies That Improve Mobile App Engagement


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Push notifications are very quick and a lot simpler way of notifying the users about your product update, new features, news, new content or any other information, which might be useful for them.

Push notifications work just like email subscription, which asks users to opt-in for the services by approving on terms and conditions. According to the recent study, the users, who have enabled push notification on their mobile app, have 88% higher engagement that is fairly much better.

When it comes to talking about all the major app categories, eCommerce is leading the position, getting 278% higher engagement whereas music found to be in the second position with 177% higher user engagement. Therefore, we can say that push notifications play the biggest role in attaining better user engagement and app retention rates.

Below, you can find 6 highly successful push notification strategies that boost app engagement:

Obtain The Opt-In

Making a great first impression is highly important in both real life and marketing because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. If users will have a poor first experience, they won’t think to delete your application.

Without giving a second thought, they will delete your application. Onboarding should, thus, be well-crafted and based on a compact strategy. Make sure you first get your users to opt-in push before you begin to think about your push notification.

Moreover, the official opt-in message is not customizable, so you can create your own splash screen in order to speak to your users personally. You should also try to create an appealing message by using the best argument and tell your users that they should opt-in to your push notifications.

If they are agreeing to you, you can show them the official opt-in prompt so that they can confirm. In any case, if they hit “no thanks”, you should try to prompt them little later.

Make Use of Multi-Channel Strategy Accurately

Do you know that a multi-channel approach is essential in assisting users with setting up and engaging in your app completely? Push notifications are known for delivering concise messages, substantial examples, and incentives that can drive home accurately why the application is important and worth using.

At the time of using the multi-channel strategy, you need to connect the power and insights of user’s data across channels so that you can better track and adjust to user behavior. Ensure that you make it easy for users to share content on social networks.

Using push notifications, campaigns can boost retention by 71% by sending one notification within the month whereas the second channel increases retention rates by 130%.

Furthermore, application updates, time-sensitive campaigns, and store promotions require to have loomed with extreme care as often using push notifications and in-app messaging can cause high opt-out rates.

Make Use of Limited-time Offers

One of the best strategies to keep our users quite engaging is rapid them with limited time offers. First comes first preference, you have to define what is important for your users and what will make them re-open your application. Once, you get the right offer, you can find the right balance and the sufficient tone.

You also need to avoid abusing this kind of message and search the accurate dose, depending on your offer, your target, and objectives. Don’t forget that these will only remain limited offers and not become a random communication.

For example, if you have any game with in-app purchase, you can provide one with free of cost during 24 hours or you have any shopping application, you can provide any offer for particular time period.

Helpful Content

Do you know that customers can be easily driven towards sales by providing them helpful and engaging content? Yes, you can drive your customers towards sales with just an engaging piece of content.

You can make use of analytics to search out the interests of the users and personalize the sales messages accordingly. To boost sales of businesses, it works as a proof action plan along with increasing the message open rates.

Email Along with the Multi-Channel Strategy

A multi-channel strategy plays a very important role when any user is lagging behind in their onboarding process or has opted out of push notifications overall.

We can make use of email to reach users, who have opted out of push notifications and re-engage them with value-driven campaigns. With push notifications, vendor platforms enable you to sync; however, email makes more sense compare to push notification particularly when your application goes through some of its predictable changes.

No matter whether it is about new features, new capabilities or new design, it is good not to leave less engaged users behind. The StyleRyde feature announcement campaign considered as a strong way to keep users updated on modifications in the app.

There are some users, who might uninstall application if they come back to using an app, which is different from what they remember. However, email supports quality content and detailed copy to communicate the finer points at the time of time trying to encourage users back to your mobile app.


Before you send a message, segmenting and filtering users are very much important for getting maximum impact. Composing messages as well as customizing message deliveries are likely a part of push notification platform. And by using them fully, you can make a huge difference.

For effective user targeting, you need to blend well with location data and behavioral data. Now, users can get on time and straightforward notifications about the latest events in their area by Ticketmaster.

The ticketing massive is capable of reaching and promote sales in an instant and effective way to all those who most likely to purchase.

So, these are 6 highly successful push notification strategies, which will enhance mobile application engagement. However, if you wanted to make your mobile app more interactive and increase its engagement, you can customize it according to your business by hiring an experiencedmobile application development company.

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