51Talk: Charting A New Direction in Teaching English Online



Computers and the Internet are great resources for information and communication. It comes as no surprise that they have become tools that serve as supplements to classroom instruction. And to take it one step further, a teacher can now teach from anywhere in the world. All he or she needs is a strong Internet connection, top-of-the-line equipment, and an online teaching platform where students access lessons, tests, and announcements.

51Talk’s own online teaching platform is full of easy-to-use features, such as an interactive whiteboard with multiple writing and drawing tools. In addition, the number one online English education platform, 51Talk aims to provide a comprehensive, all-in-one online education platform through its unique foreign teacher one-to-one teaching model.

Many countries look to the Philippines as a powerhouse in the online English teaching industry because of Filipinos’ good command of the English language and their friendly and cheerful nature. Recently listed in the New York Stock exchange under the stock symbol COE (China Online Education Group), 51 Talk has more than 7,000 home-based Filipino teachers teaching English online to Chinese learners. More and more Filipinos are also exploring both full-time and part-time careers in online teaching. Here are some stories from 51Talk’s Filipino teachers.


The teaching mom

When Montana, a 28-year-old mother of two from Cebu, heard about 51Talk, she applied immediately as a home-based online English teacher. The perk of working from home appealed to her, because it meant that she could pursue her passion for teaching and still be with her children. Because of her dedication to teaching, she was recognized by 51Talk for being one of its top teachers in 2014 and 2015.

Teacher Montana

The former product trainer

Audrey, 34, from Quezon City previously worked as a product trainer for a BPO firm. While she enjoyed her work, her grueling schedule soon took a toll on her health. As a result, she changed jobs and is now working as a home-based online English teacher at 51Talk. While the job is almost similar to being a product trainer, Audrey still took advantage of 51Talk’s free training sessions to become a better teacher, and used her by now stronger teaching skills to change the lives of her learners for the better. A perfect example is Zoe, one of her regular students. After four months of learning English with Audrey, Zoe successfully got a good IELTs band score and is now starting a new life in Canada.

Teacher Aubrey


Montana and Aubrey are just two of the many teachers who enjoy working with 51Talk as online English teachers. To learn more, and join 51Talk, visit http://51Talk.com/ph/.


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